Talk to God

Isn’t it amazing that we can just talk to God any time we want to? Isn’t it amazing that God listens to us all the time even before we talk to Him? When was the last time you talked to God? Do you talk to Him when you have requests or do you talk to Him regularly just to talk to Him? God knows everything about us yet He longs to hear our voices. He loves the voice of your heart. He loves hearing the thoughts that are hidden deep inside of your spirit. He has access to all that yet He wants you to communicate with Him. Why? He loves you so much that He wants you to understand that you matter to him. He wants you to know that your voice is a delight to Him. He loves your company and He loves your individuality. When two people communicate a lot, they get to know each other well. The more you talk to God, the more you will get to know Him because He will talk back to you. God desires for you to talk to Him so that you can establish a good relationship. Talk to God today. Talk to God for now reason. Just talk to God. Get used to Him by communicating with Him all the time. You will be surprised by what He has to tell you.

What is one thing that made Moses stand out? God spoke to him face to face. Moses was a friend of God’s. He had a very close relationship with Him and communicating was a big part of that relationship. Jesus talked to His Father all the time. David was definitely friends with God and cherished their conversations. Today I strongly believe that what makes us stand out in our Christian walk is how close we are to God and how we communicate with Him. A weekly conversation on Sunday is not enough. An occasional conversation when things are not going well is not enough. An Easter and a Christmas conversation are not enough. God wants intimacy and your voice makes Him happy.

You may be wondering what you should talk to God about. Talk to Him about anything. Talk to Him about the big picture and about the details of your life. Talk to Him about how much He means to you. Talk to Him about how much you appreciate what He does for you. Talk to Him about the people in your life. Talk to Him about life in general. Talk to God more than you talk to your phone. Talk to God when you get up and before you go to bed. Talk to God when it is raining and when it is sunny. Talk to God when you are in the dark and when you are in the light. Talk to God when you are happy and when your heart is heavy. Talk to God so you know God. Talk to God and continue the conversation. Talk to God and find out how chatty He really is. When you talk to God, He listens and He always responds. Talk to Him with your voice. Talk to Him with your actions. Talk to Him out loud or inside your heart. Just talk to Him every day. He will talk back every day!

Suggested reading: Exodus 33:11; John 15:15; Hebrews 1:1-2



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