The power of praise and worship

I am in Dallas, TX for the weekend to attend a church that has some amazing praise and worship services. I could go to church just to worship with other people and I would be satisfied. I wrote about worship a few days ago and how crucial it is to worship with our lives and not just with our singing and dancing. Singing and dancing are great practices for sure and I don’t want the message of worship and praise to be drowned in the idea of worshiping with our lives. When we do praise and worship God with our lives, we automatically start singing and glorifying Him with our voices out loud and inwardly. I do want to focus on the singing aspect of worship today because it means a lot to God. I have mentioned before that my prayer life got a makeover when I added praise and worship to it. It has been completely revolutionized and I don’t pray the way I used to. I don’t see God the way I used to. I don’t feel the way I used to. I don’t do life the way I used to. All this is thanks to the power of praise and worship. I want to encourage you to add praise and worship to your (prayer) life if it’s not a part of it yet. I want to encourage you to make it a big part of your prayer life every single day!

“Pray less and praise more” sounds like a funny idea but it works pretty well. We are called to pray all the time and I love that. We are called to worship all the time and I am all for that. Praying can be defined in a few ways. Praying can be just talking to God. It can also mean asking God for something and making requests. If we see praying mainly as putting in requests to Heaven, praising more than requesting is a good way to go. I have seen it work wonders in my life when my praise is bigger than my requests. Time spent talking to God is precious so why not make that time mostly about Him? Praise and worship help us achieve the goal of focusing more on God. I find that the more I have let my praises be more abundant than my requests, the more I see myself getting into praise mode when things are not going well. Instead of hitting the prayer button, I push the praise and worship button first and my outlook on things start changing.

Using the praise and worship button is not always the easiest thing to do. Who wants to praise when difficulties keep piling up? Who wants to worship when one’s heart is broken and tears are flowing? We tend to hit the sad button in those situations and the depressed button is not far behind. However, if we develop a habit of praise that precedes prayer, we will have an almost permanent hold on that praise button and pushing it will become second nature. The Lord wants us to praise and worship because He knows how powerful they are. They bring Him into the scene and they chase away the opposition. Trust me, the enemy doesn’t want to hear you exalt the Lord so he will do whatever he can to keep you from doing it on a regular basis.

There is tangible and invisible power in praise and worship. They will change your mood. They will lift up your spirit. They will usher you into God’s presence. They will give you a boost of faith. They will extend your hand to Heaven. They will inject joy and peace into the atmosphere. They will calm you down. They will magnify the Lord. They will minimize the hurt. They will bring hope back. They will surround you with God’s love. They will change your situation as God enters it with through your adoration. Praise and worship are extremely powerful. Let’s not underestimate them. Let’s embrace them and let’s make sure that our praise is bigger than our requests!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:28; Daniel 2:20; 1 Peter 4:11

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