The One who changes everything

When I was praying Saturday morning before driving to the airport at 4 am, I was pretty tired and I had little energy. Then I heard deep down inside “Jesus never changes but He changes everything.” I was familiar with that truth and I had heard it in songs but it hit me like thunder and it gave me some much needed energy for the drive. “Jesus who never changes, changes everything.” It just blows my mind. The Lord hasn’t changed. The Lord of the Bible is still the same today. Times have changed, cultures have changed but Jesus hasn’t changed one bit. He never changes but He can change everything in your life. Think of areas in your life that need to be transformed and know that God can change it. There is absolutely nothing He can’t change. There is also absolutely nothing that can change Him. As this new week begins, let’s meditate on how Jesus never changes but He changes everything.

The initial major change that took place in the world is when Jesus came to earth, died and rose again. His selfless sacrifice changed the course of history by destroying death and bringing salvation. No one before Him was able to make such a big change and to impact the world the way He did. He is the King of change. He is the creator of changes. He is the change agent who graces us with His presence that is still around today through His Spirit. The Spirit of Jesus advocates and promotes Jesus and He also assists us with the changes Jesus still provides. How amazing of the Lord to have given us the One who can still change today! His Spirit is in us and if we allow Him to “promote” Jesus in us, we will experience big changes.

The Holy Spirit comes with power. The Holy Spirit gives power. It’s the power that can change us into the Lord’s image and that can change our lives by removing darkness and supplying light. The resurrection power is still available, friend. The power that conquered death can conquer anything. The One who can change everything is on your side, friend. Celebrate Him. Invite Him in if you don’t know Him well. Stay open to Him. Keep your eyes on Him. Hang out with Him. His amazing power to change everything is operational in your life. Activate it with your faith. Have faith that He can change everything. He will change you to the point where you won’t recognize your life. That is how good He is. He is not dead. His love is not dead. His changing power is not dead. Have a great week knowing that the One who changes everything is changing your life!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 1:12

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