The reason why you are destined for greatness

Church on Sunday night in Dallas was amazing. The people at that church know how to celebrate God and the joy and love that were flowing in the room were strong. So many positive messages were presented during the service and one that was dear to my heart was how we are destined for greatness. It was explicitly phrased that way but it was a message that summarized my time in church. We are meant to do great things. We are all meant to do great things. The scale might be different but the impact on God’s kingdom is the same. There is no one bigger or better in God’s eyes. There is no one bigger or better than you in God’s eyes. People’s opinions of you don’t matter. What matters is what God thinks about you. It’s between you and God. Your greatness is apparent to God and it’s up to you to get on the same page and accept the agenda He has for your life. God sees the potential in you and He knows that with Him backing you up, you can do amazing things. Your potential is amplified by Him. Your potential finds meaning in Him. Your destiny will be shiny in Him. You are going to do great and beautiful things in God’s name. Not for your notoriety but all for His glory. Today I want to encourage you to stay on God’s agenda of greatness in you.

Many of us aspire to do things in life that will leave a legacy for generations to come. We want to do something that will be known and that will put our name on the boards of fame around the world. God has a board of fame where everyone of His children has a plaque because for Him we are all famous in His eyes. His vision of fame doesn’t compare to ours. Fame for Him is not about how popular we are in the world. Fame for Him is about us being popular with Him. He knows us extremely well. He knows everything there is to know about us. He loves us and He is a fan of ours. That is how much He cares. All our names are written on His heart. We couldn’t be any more famous in His eyes. We don’t have to rival to get His attention. We have His undivided attention. There is no one we will ever encounter in this life that God loves more than He loves us. He is an equal opportunity loving God.

Since God loves us all the same, there is no favoritism in Him
. He sees us all with potential and He provides us all with the same power to reach our potential. Our purposes are all different. Our paths are all different but our God is the same and access to His provisions is the same. The key is to know what is available and to reach out for it. God has what it takes to help you attain the goals He has for you. You might have goals of your own that don’t match His goals. Sometimes we think that are plans are better than God’s without knowing it and we unconsciously try to force God to trade His goals for ours. That will never work. I am praying today that we all gain an understanding of what God’s goals for our lives are all about. I am praying that we get revelations and we embrace each of them so we can blossom in God. There is greatness in all of us that is waiting to happen and it can’t happen outside of God. Thank God you are destined for greatness for His glory and you will get to your destination in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Luke 9:23; Hebrews 13:20-21; Romans 2:11


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