How to hear from God

This month marks the anniversary of when I started writing daily messages three years ago. After over 1000 messages one of the recurring themes is the need to have a relationship with God. It’s not because it is the religious thing to do. It’s because it is the best thing to do. God doesn’t want us to have a relationship with Him so He can control us and manipulate us. He wants us to have a relationship with Him so we know true love and we can share true love. With God everything is based on love. He also knows what’s best for us and being connected to Him is what’s best because He looks after us and He gives us what we need. Hearing from Him is a necessity in the pursuit of getting to know Him. He speaks to us through His Word. He speaks to us through His Spirit. God can communicate with us all the time if we develop an ear for Him. It takes practice and it takes a surrendered heart but it is possible. There is so much He is saying but so little we hear on a regular basis. Hearing from God can appear to be a challenge but it truly is accessible to us. Today I want to encourage you to pursue hearing from God with all your heart. He has so much to tell you and so much to show you.


When was the last time you had a sit-down talk with God? When was the last time you opened His Word and told Him you were ready and eager to hear from Him? He is waiting for each and every one of us to have those conversations and to lean on Him for direction, wisdom and revelation. I strongly believe that getting to know God better starts with reading His Word. His Word is a road-map that traces the way to His heart. It is the blueprint for a strong foundation in whom He truly is. There are many treasures in His Word that reveal God once they are unearthed. Digging and searching in His Word are great practices that will allow us to hear from Him as we turn them into habits.

The Holy Spirit works in us and guides us in the truth of the Word of God if we are willing to listen and learn. A surrendered heart is primordial. We must die to ourselves like it says in the Bible in order to live through Him. We must put our ego aside, our preconceived thoughts and our man-made ideas of whom God is. Hearing from God happens through the heart. We need to let our guards down and let God penetrate our hearts with His love and with His good intentions for us. Yes, friend, God only has good intentions for us. What seems to make no sense and what seems to be imprisoning us at times is pure freedom because in Him there is freedom. It’s a trade. We trade our fears, our pain and our confusion for His freedom and His clarity. Hearing from God often requires shutting down the voices of the world.

With a good dose of Bible reading, with a heart open to the Holy Spirit and a desire to listen to God first, we can hear from God in ways that will startle us. My heart’s desire is to hear from God not only for me but for people in my little world. I hear from Him a lot during prayer time. Prayer time is sort of when everything marinates. My Bible reading time, my open heart and my willingness to hear all culminate during meditative prayer. It is when God’s voice is the loudest for me. A couple of weeks ago I was in prayer when I had a vision in my mind of myself throwing flowers at people. The flowers symbolized blessings. God was giving me blessings I was sharing with people. I only told one friend at work about that vision. About a week ago, my little brother texted me and said that during prayer he saw flowers that were thrown at him and they represented blessings. I had not said anything about my vision at all to him or to anyone in my family. I heard from God through the vision and he heard from God as well. We received the same message even though we were over 2500 miles away from each other. Friend, God is always talking and we can hear from Him in big ways and in small ways. Keep on wanting more from Him. Keep on making Him your priority and talk to Him. Talk to Him as often as you can. You will hear from Him!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 33:3; John 8:47; John 10:27



One thought on “How to hear from God

  1. Great word! “Not because it’s the religious thing to do but because it’s the best thing to do!” Love it! If you’d ever like to guest post please check out DailyPS. We would love to have you!


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