Better days are on their way

One day you will get your breakthrough. Someday you will look back and notice how all the pain you had at one point doesn’t compare with the present blessings and the joy that has come your way. You will get there. You will get out of the valley and walk up the mountains of bliss and peace. You are not meant to be where you are now forever. Your present chapter is not the end of your story. Your current condition is no reflection of your future situation. There is a blessing that is going to overtake you and shake off the fear, the misery and the loss. God is about to do something extraordinary in your life that is totally unprecedented. You haven’t seen anything yet. Your glory days are not over. Your season of prosperity hasn’t started yet. Good days are on their way. Why? Because the Lord is paving the way for you right now. It might see quiet in the hallways of Heaven today but be assured that the crowd of witnesses is not only cheering for you but it is rejoicing over God’s next move in your life. Today I want to encourage you to hold on to hope and believe that better days are on their way!


It’s hard to picture better times when you are in the middle of chaos
. It’s not easy to stay encouraged when you are crippled by debts, disease and all kinds of hardships. The weight of our problems can take a toll on us over time. However, the Lord said that He would take our burdens upon Himself. He said that we should go to Him so we can find peace. He promised to get rid of the stress that is keeping us down. He is going to lift your head so you can see hope on the horizon. Wherever you are in life today you are not alone. God hasn’t abandoned you. The enemy wants you to think that God has left you but He is there and He is not going anywhere. Friend, Jesus is not going anywhere but He will take you everywhere. He will take you to places where there is so much peace that you will believe you are in Heaven. Don’t lose hope. Better days are on the way!


The Lord can handle all situations. Don’t take it upon yourself to fix everything. Give it to God and receive His peace. Say a prayer and stay connected to Him. He has an array of blessings that are about to surround you and appease you. The hope of the Lord is a fantastic weapon that can deal with all the ugliness of the world. His hope is there and it is as powerful as ever. Keep hoping in Him. Keep turning to Him. All you are doing is not in vain. The better days the Lord has planned for you are so bright that you are going to need sunglasses. Get your pair today. Prepare yourself for what’s to come. It will come. People might try to discourage you but it will happen for you. It will happen in Jesus’ name! Nothing can separate you from God’s love. Better days are on their way!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; Psalm 37:5; Hebrews 6:19


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