Coming out of your dry season

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t gone through a season of dryness. We all face times when nothing seems to be happening. A dry season can be confusing and even depressing. A dry season feels like your spiritual backbone has been drained of its power and you are left crooked waiting for help from Heaven. Why do we go through dry seasons? I think they are just bound to happen as long as we are here. Jesus said that we would have tribulations in this world and those dry seasons certainly echo the pain that comes during tribulations. Jesus didn’t say that we would have tribulations with no hope of escaping from the problems. He specifically said that the troubles would come but He conquered the world. His conquering the world took care of all difficulties, all hard times including all dry seasons. Jesus the Son of God dealt with your dry seasons and He will provide rain when you are going through a desert of misery and dried up fruit.

Deserts and wilderness in the Bible represent physical and temporal places of dryness, loneliness, lack and suspension of blessings. We are not well-suited to deal with the desert conditions. I have mentioned before how the extreme temperatures in the desert affect us in a very negative way. Today I want to encourage you to withstand those tough temperatures and focus on the One who will water your desert. The wilderness you might be going through right now is not bigger than the Lord in you. What is important to remember is that Jesus in you means the hope of glory. The Lord stays and dwells in you and He is more powerful than the conditions around you. This dry time might be hurting you and bringing you down but you can find the force within you to walk through the desert and not be afflicted by the dryness. It’s the concept of creating your own rain so to speak. You have a choice. You can get all dried up and shriveled up in your dry season or you can make it rain but letting the Holy One in you rise up and bring relief. He conquered the world, remember?

How do you make it rain? How do you allow the Spirit of the Lord to shower you with blessings, moisture from Heaven, during your dry seasons? I like to think of the solution as a type of invocation. It is almost like invoking the power within you and letting it take over your situation. You can let the negative thoughts and the defeat dominate you or you can bring up the positive thoughts and the power of God that is on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are going. What matters is the One who is with you and who goes with you wherever you are headed. In the desert God should still be exalted. In your dry season the Lord should still be praised and glorified. It’s when we continue to exalt Him during our dry season that we receive His rain of peace and victory. You can make it rain but making Him your number one focus during the worst times of your life. The Holy Spirit brings forth fruit. He has the power to make you fruitful in all you do. The dryness won’t stop Him from producing fruit if you acknowledge Him in all you do. Let the praises go up and the walls of barrenness will come down. Let the praises go up and the rain of relief will come down. Seasons of dryness are inevitable but so are God’s blessings when you stay grounded in Him. You will make it through the dryness walking around in the rain of the Lord. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; John 16:33; 2 Thessalonians 3:16



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