God is your refuge

Last night when I was doing my Bible study, I was led to read two passages that I was somewhat familiar with. One of them was Psalm 46 and the other one was 1 John 1. I am not an expert when it comes to quoting the exact scripture word for word and I haven’t memorized many verses but when I read the passages, I recognized the theme right away. They depict how God helps us overcome and how He is our refuge and our protector. They are very uplifting and encouraging words.




I believe we need to hear the message that God is our refuge and that our victory is in Him over and over again. We need to build our faith in that truth. Our Christian walk is based on God’s love and on the knowledge that our lives are in Him. Living through Him means walking in love and walking in victory over the enemy’s traps. There are so many traps out there but we can walk all over them in Jesus’ name. God is our refuge and fear is not including in that refuge. There is no fear in God. His place of refuge is void of all negativity. Today I want to encourage you to keep believing that you are in God’s place of refuge and that you will overcome all obstacles that might be coming at you this week. Your victory is in Him!




My house is definitely a place of refuge because I feel safe and comfortable in it. The Lord’s place of refuge travels with us wherever we go. God is our refuge in all things. He is the comfort and safety we always have with us. He promises to cover us and shield us in every situation. Praise Him and thank Him for being your refuge and you will get a better idea of what the refuge looks like in your everyday life. When trouble comes, you will be protected. When pain and headaches show up, you will find relief. When loss is shattering your life, God will show up and shield you back into peace.




A place of refuge is a shelter from pursuit, danger and trouble. The enemy and his friends will pursue you but the Lord will protect you. He is the refuge that serves as a shield against the enemy and his followers. You don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to fall apart when facing adversity. All you need to do is rely on your refuge. He is strong enough to keep the opposition from getting to you. You are made to be more than an overcomer in this world thanks to your refuge. You are going to overcome all difficulties and problems that will pursue you this week. The Lord within you is going to bless you and protect you. Be ready to overcome. Be ready to make it and succeed every day. God is your refuge and nothing will get in the way!


Suggested reading: Psalm 46; Psalm 91; 1 John 1



Picture: https://www.wallpaperup.com/683566/beauty_amazing_beautiful_sun_clouds_sky_way.html

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