The sweetness of God

Do you know how sweet it is to wake up and hear that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to God? Do you know how sweet it is to wake up with a smile every day? Do you know how sweet it is to want to stay in prayer all day because the joy that takes place during prayer is so pure and so holy? Do you know how sweet the Holy Spirit can make everything around you because He is good all the time despite what’s around you? I never saw God as being sweet until I had a deeper encounter with His Spirit. He makes all things new and He makes all things sweet. With Him the most desperate situations won’t scare you because there is so much sweetness and goodness in Him that all the bitter tastes life gives you can’t last. He is like the sweetest of the sweetest candy you will ever taste. He is better than the best meal you will ever have. Someone who is sweet, is pleasant and delightful by definition. God is pleasant and delightful all the time. He is not a vengeful God who is out to get us. His sweetness permeates everything that we give Him. Give in to God and His sweetness will consume you with peace. Give everything to God and everything will be sweet.


The adjective “sweet” also describes something that has the qualities of sugar and honey. The Bible refers to honey a few times. The land of milk and honey is the Promised Land. Today we have a Promised Land here and now and it is the abundant life that Jesus died for. Jesus died and rose again so we could have the sweetness of His love in our lives every day. The enemy delights in bitterness and sourness. He destroys everything he touches with his bitterness. The Lord came to rescue us from that bitterness and sourness. Life keeps dumping bitter tastes and sour situations in order to spoil the milk of the Lord. The promised land of milk and honey gets ruined when the enemy gets involved in our business and he does that as often as he can. The key is to hold on to the promise of the milk and honey and claim it every day. Claim the sweetness of the Lord every day. Declare that His sweetness is invading your life and bitterness has to go.


What does it look like when God makes everything sweet? It doesn’t mean that we find our problems to be great and pleasant. It means that we can find peace even during our problems. What used to taste bad, takes on a different aroma. Yes, we see the difficulties and we do suffer but none of it can steal our peace and our joy when we have the sweetness of the Lord in our lives. I have been experiencing that sweetness for some time now and it takes everything to another level. There is an elevation of resilience, faith, hope and strength. God does amplify the good in our lives when we surrender our lives and trust Him. I couldn’t do any of what I do every day if it weren’t for His goodness and His sweetness in my life. Taste the sweetness of God, friend. Let His sweet traits rub off on you so you can spread the goodness and the sweetness. Help others taste the sweetness and become familiar with His goodness. Your spiritual taste buds are longing for the sweetness of the Lord. Treat them to a huge helping of the honey and milk of the Lord. Your faith can take you to the Promised Land. Stay sweet!

Suggested reading: Exodus 3:8; Ezekiel 20:6; Jeremiah 32:22



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