Some good news for you today

When I read my Bible, I get visual representations in my head of the people, the places and the situations depicted. I think a lot of us visual people have certain images we associate with the Bible. We have a picture of what Jesus looks like. The more I read the Bible and the more He becomes alive to me. The more I pray and focus on Him and the clearer He is to me. The Holy Spirit promotes Him greatly in my heart and He always portrays Him as an extremely loving God. Sometimes it feels so real that I am under the impression that He might walk right into my house when I am in meditative prayer or worshiping Him. That is how real He has gotten through the past few years. What would He be like and what would He tell me if He were to show up today, Wednesday December 12th, 2018? Would He look differently from back when He was walking the earth as the Son of Man? Would His message be different from what it was back then?


The Bible explains that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Nothing in Him changes. He would be exactly the same. He would have the same message and He would do what He knows best which is to show love, speak love, walk in love and fill me with love just by staring at me. His message of love and peace would be the same. His message of love and peace will last forever. We, people, have had the tendency to warp His message and make it fit into the mold of our values, our thoughts and our notions. We too often try to make God follow our lead when He is the One who knows how to lead us and guide us better than all the people of the earth combined. What is His message today?


We can learn about His message today by looking at what it is in the Bible. Jesus showing up today would say that He is anointed to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to the prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind, set the oppressed free and declare the year of the Lord’s favor. His declaration is for you, friend. This is what Jesus is still telling you today. I don’t know what is going on in your life but you need to hear that Jesus is still proclaiming your freedom. He still has good news for you and the year of the Lord’s favor is for you. The Lord has good news for you. His good news nullifies all the bad reports, all the negative chatter and all the bad omens that were ever presented in your life. There is good news for you right now and the good news is that Jesus is going to set you free and that His favor is upon you. Cancel all the curses and the ill-wishes of the enemy by proclaiming what Jesus declared for your life. The good news still stands. Subscribe to it with all your heart. Thank Him for it and rejoice in it. God’s news for you is true and it will never change!

Suggested reading: Psalm 146:7-8; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18-19



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