An abundance of love for you

Yesterday I wrote about what Jesus’ message is today. I mentioned that it has never changed and it will never change. His message is simple and yet we tend to complicate it so much. The central theme of His message is undoubtedly love. It is not a message of condemnation and it is not a message of exclusion and rejection. Think about how Jesus interacted with people while on earth. He showed so much love and so much compassion for everyone. Love is the common denominator in all He said and all He did. As believers, we are meant to be His spokespeople so it is crucial that we don’t distort the message by adding to it or removing from it. Sometimes when I pray for someone, I ask the Lord for direction regarding what I can tell the person I am praying for. His answer in my heart is “Tell them that I love them.” It is not always what I expect to hear and I don’t always know how to convey His love but that is His desire. He wants us to interact with other with love. When He says, “Tell them that I love them”, we should heed His words and get to work. How can we tell someone today that Jesus loves him or her? I want to encourage you today to interact with people using the language of love that Jesus speaks so fluently. Let’s tell the world that the Lord is love and let’s do it without modifying His message. Let’s get rid of our own filters and our own concepts of love and let’s adhere to Jesus’ idea of love!



The Lord showed us love by dying for us even when we didn’t love Him. We were sinners undeserving of love and compassion and yet He did the ultimate sacrifice so that we could find salvation. That blows my mind! It doesn’t matter who you are, what you did, what you are thinking about all the time or where you are from. The Lord God Almighty loves you. He loves you and He adores you. He died for you. He died for every single person who is reading this message now. There is absolutely nothing that can come between you and His love. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not loved. Do not let anyone make you think that you are less than other people. Do not let the lies of the enemy rob of you of the best truth in the world. God loves you and there is nothing that will alter His love for you. If you develop faith in how much you are loved, you will learn to live in the fullness of His abundant life.



I was recently praying for a friend who doesn’t believe in God when I got the message “Tell her that I love her.” I knew that if I said that to her verbatim, she would reject the message or cut me off. What the Lord wanted me to do is to inject love in my interactions with her. I was to demonstrate love. Spending time with her, listening to her and just being there for her. I did mention that I was praying for her and that seemed to touch her quite a bit. There are so many ways we can speak Jesus’ language of love. It can be expressed in actions and in deeds. The most important thing is that we share the love. Every single person around you needs to hear the message of love. Everyone needs to hear Jesus’ language of love. Find the dialect of His love that speaks the best to the people in your life. A dialect can be a derivation of a language but it keeps the main ideas intact. Your love dialect shouldn’t water down the love language it is derived from. Go back to the source, drink up from His love and share His love. There is someone in your life that is longing for the message of love that Jesus put in your heart. The abundance of love coming from the Lord will change your life and the lives of those you reach with this love. Enjoy the abundance of love! God will always be love!


Suggested reading: Matthew 5:43-48; Romans 5:8; 1 john 4:8




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