From darkness to light

When I got home the other night it was so dark in my house that I couldn’t even find the light switch. Once I did, all the lights in my living room came on thanks to the power of one small little switch. Then it dawned on me that in life we often go through a period of darkness and then we use the switch of the Lord and His light chases away the darkness instantly. It takes a small switch of faith to create enough light to be able to see and find our way around in this wild world. God has a switch that can turn darkness into light and the difference is like night and day. I love how the Bible says that God is in the light and there is no darkness in Him. He has no business with darkness and He doesn’t want to see us living our lives in the dark.

For some of us it is high time we turned on the light. For some of us darkness has been here for too long and we need to step out of the dark places and walk into the light. As our fingers are fumbling, trying to find the switch, we ought to get our fingers close together, put our hands together so to speak and pray. Prayer is one of the switches that will light any dark room and bring brightness and life back into our circumstances. I want to encourage you today to keep your hand on God’s switch and stay close to His light.

I have traveled through dark spots in my life just like anyone else and I still find myself there from time to time. What first helped me was acknowledging that I was in a dark place. Not naming the issue is like sitting in the dark and acting as if the room wasn’t dark. If we do that, we will bump into walls, we will fall and we will remain in a dismal state. We have to recognize that we need the light. Problems have a way of keeping us in the dark. The Lord has a way of getting us out of the dark.

There are several light switches that God has put at our disposal. I mentioned prayer as one of them. It is the switch that works the best for me because prayer for me is accompanied by praise and worship and this powerful trio works wonders in my life. They not only turn on the light but they keep it on and they keep it strong. When I am having a bad day, I turn on the light through praises and prayer with a generous sprinkling of worship. I might need to flip the switch on a few times until I get into the light but I know I will at some point.



Your light switch could be reading the Bible. It could be taking a walk while talking to the Lord. It could be meditating on God. Find your light switch and use it daily. Don’t stay in the dark. Turn the light of the Lord on all the time. The Lord can make you go from darkness to light any time. Stay in faith and let Him switch on the freedom and switch on the peace.


Suggested reading: Psalm 32:5; Matthew 5:16; 1 John 1:5-9



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