Getting rid of the selfie

We live in the world of the selfie where all the attention has to be put on “Me.” The “Me” almighty has taken the world by storm. People around the world have become masters of the selfie. “It’s Me before you” and this idea is dangerous because it can be harmful to our Christian walk. “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me” is being blurred by the culture of the selfie in the Church as well. Why is the selfie such a detriment to our walk with the Lord? Taking a selfie in itself is fine I believe. It’s when we give into the power behind the concept of the selfie that we run the risk of getting some serious spiritual wounds. God is all about loving others. As Christians we are called to deny ourselves not only to make room for others but also to make room for the Lord. “Me after You, Lord” is the perfect depiction of our relationship with the Lord. Today I am encouraging you to turn the camera around, get rid of the selfie, let God be the focus of your lens and be more interested in taking pictures of others.

Our motives are very powerful vehicles. They are the vehicles that define what we do or what we say. It is often hard to see a person’s motive clearly but God sees our hearts and He knows what is motivating us and what our intentions are. If our motives while taking selfies is to exalt ourselves, promote ourselves and elevate ourselves, there is potential for spiritual degeneration. What I mean by that is that if we put ourselves on a pedestal continually, we are more inclined to topple God and remove Him from His throne. Promoting our image above God’s image in us is a very subtle way the enemy uses to tarnish our walk with the Lord. I am not talking solely about the physical act of the selfie. I am mostly referring to how we take selfies in life by focusing too much on the “Me.”

How do we take “life selfies”? We take a life selfie when we capture an aspect of our lives and zero in on it excessively and then share it with the world. Every time we spend time thinking too much about ourselves and how good we are, how good we look, how wonderful we are and share it with people, we are taking life selfies. Every time we spend time thinking too much about how bad we are, how not attractive we are, how bad our lives are or anything negative about ourselves and share those thoughts with people, we are taking a life selfie.

Introspection and self-reflection are great tools for growth. I believe they are necessary and they are not “life selfies.” It is when we are the number one topic of our conversations that we dive into selfie mode and we rob the Lord of His primal spot. The Lord should be in the spotlight. The Lord should be the One we promote and talk about the most. It doesn’t mean we should be saying “Jesus” to everyone all the time. It means that we should be portraying Him rightfully in our words and our actions by mirroring His love and His grace and mercy. One of the best way we can achieve that is by putting others first, putting them in front of our cameras and showing them how much the Lord loves them. Denying ourselves and making room for the Lord is crucial. It’s the best way to live out our relationship with Him. Our ego can get in the way of our Hero. Let the Lord be your hero and get rid of the ego. It’s a work in progress but it’s a worthwhile work. Keep erasing the selfies. Put God and others in front of your lens and you will create beautiful portraits of life. Forget the life selfies!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:10; Philippians 2:3; 1 John 4:7-8

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