God sees you in the crowds

I love reading the accounts of how Jesus interacted with people. He was among them, talking to them, encouraging them, loving them, healing them, and sharing meals with them. He loved the crowds but He also knew when to withdraw from them to recharge and get plugged into the Father more. What fascinates me is that He actually stopped to see people in the crowds. He healed so many of them and touched so many lives by just connecting with the people and ministering love to them. He saw the people that society didn’t see. He saw the people that the society rejected. He saw the hearts of people. He saw the needs. He saw the pain. He saw the sadness. Today I want to remind you that the Lord sees you. He sees you in the crowd. He sees your pain. He sees your need. He sees your distress. He is not passing by you and ignoring you. God sees you in the crowd. Are you looking back at Him and making a connection?



Crowds are overwhelming to me and I try to stay away from them. When in NYC, I would rather walk along the east side on less crowded streets. I do find myself in the middle of huge crowds at times and I am sure that if someone looked at the mob of people from a distance, I would just be lost and unnoticeable in the sea of people. I used to feel that every time I turned to God I was in a crowd and I had to wait my turn to reach Him or to get His attention. The truth is that He sees everyone at once. He doesn’t have our human limitations. God sees every single person in the crowd and He cares about every single person the same way. I could be in a sea of ten million people, God would still see me and interact me with as long as I had faith that He was with me.



Don’t let your circumstances intimidate you and make you think that God won’t see you in the middle of your misery. Your problems might be crowding you and making you feel like you are drowning in a sea of trials but God sees you right where you are. There could be a million problems standing between you and God but He will still be able to reach you and save you. Do you know that the Bible explains that the Lord, the Shepherd, would leave the 99 to find you? He makes sure that everyone is accounted for and that everyone is safe and sound. 99 people around you could be safe and sound but if you are not, the Lord will get to you and leave the 99 to be with you and help you. Don’t think that others matter more and that you have to wait your turn until Jesus sees your need in the crowd. Whatever you need right now, trust that the Lord is looking at you and wants you to connect with Him with faith. “Your faith has healed you” is what you are going to hear in your heart. Thank God that He sees you every day in the crowd and He loves you every day. Be encouraged! God is looking out for you! Always!


Suggested reading: Luke 14:25; Mark 5:24; Mark 10:1


Picture: http://hdwpro.com/ocean-wallpaper.html

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