Faith, the hand that grabs your miracle

It’s interesting to see what Jesus told some of the people He healed. He said “Your faith made you whole” or “Your faith healed you.” Faith is what gets us what we need. Faith is the hand that grabs our miracle, our breakthrough, our healing. Many people would agree that healing is a miracle. There is healing available through the medical field and it is amazing. Instant healing through an encounter with the Lord is magnificent. It surely is a miracle. The people that Jesus healed received their miracles through faith. Any miracle you need today can be reached with the hand of faith. What hand are you using the most? The hand of faith, the hand of doubt or the hand of maybe/possibly? I think we all operate with all three hands at any given time but the hand of faith is the one we need to extend the most because it will get us to our healing, to our miracle. The Lord is so merciful that He will bless us with miracles just because but it is the hand of faith that gets the hand of the Lord to act on our behalf. Show God your hand and He will give you a hand!

I know a great number of people in need of a miracle today. I know a great number of people who have lost faith in miracles. I can see why. I understand why but I also see and understand that the Lord of the impossible is still actively blessing people and performing miracles. What’s lacking nowadays is faith in the miracles of the Lord. They are not spoken of as much in Church these days. They are not taught as much and therefore they are not experienced that much. Faith comes from hearing and if we are not hearing about miracles, we will not have faith in them. I call the Book of Acts the book of miracles. The entire Bible is the book of miracles but the book of Acts exemplifies what believers in Jesus can do and what they can expect in His name. Miracles is what you and I should be expecting. We are not given enough reasons in the world to believe in miracles but we have many reasons in the Word to trust that miracles can happen.

Jesus is the miracle worker and He is still at work performing miracles today. He is looking for those who will believe and who will show Him their hands of faith. He is looking for those who will praise Him before they see His hand at work. He is looking for those who rely on Him no matter what their circumstances look like. He is looking for you and me to make a move of faith and depend on Him even when there seems to be no good reasons to expect a breakthrough. I am here to tell you that you can have your miracle and enjoy it too. You can have a breakthrough and experience a change of life. The miracles of the Lord didn’t die at the end of the last chapter of the Book of Acts. Jesus’ resurrection is still in effect today. His death and resurrection bought your miracles for today. Slap your hand of doubt and stretch out your hand of faith. Get grounded in the Word where miracles abound. Let the Word be your reality. Your miracle is at your finger tips. Make sure your hand of faith is operational today! Work on your faith and the Lord will work miracles. You have the hand for miracles. Extend more! Stretch out your faith!

Suggested reading: Matthew 9:22; Luke 17:19; Mark 5:34

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