Your past mistakes don’t define your future

If you messed up, it’s not the end. I don’t know who needs to see this message but it is an important one. If you made mistakes, if you lost your cool, if you failed, if you didn’t make it, know that the God of the second, third, fourth chances will help. No one is perfect. No is blameless except for the Lord. He made His perfection ours and He wants you and me to embrace His forgiveness and His redemption. We are not good without Him. We are not worthy without Him but in Him we can find grace and a new start. Your slate is clean. You can start again. With the Lord you can start from scratch. Wipe off the tears, wipe off the anxiety. The Lord has you and He will help you to move past the mistakes and the pain. You don’t have to live in condemnation. You don’t have to live in regret and live in sorrow. You might have blown it but the Lord will blow you out of your past mistakes. He has a future that is very bright. Your victories and your achievements in the future are not comparable to the mistakes of your past. Today I want to encourage you to look forward to a future where your past failures don’t exist. They have been bought back by the blood of the Lamb. Step into your bright future. Don’t hold on to yesterday’s negativity. Enjoy today’s new slate and rejoice because you are in good hands. You are in the hands of the One who always gives you another chance.


Guilt and shame are two weapons the enemy uses a lot to make us feel like less than or to drive us to separation from God. One of his number one objective is to weaken our spirits and he uses guilt and shame as some of his favorite accessories. If we don’t do well on an exam or a test, shame can come in and lower our self-confidence. When we sin, condemnation can set in very easily. You see, the Lord sees our potential and all the good traits we have. If we fail, He doesn’t see us as a failure. If we miss an opportunity, He doesn’t see us as losers. If we make mistakes, He doesn’t see us as lost causes. If we sin, He sees the redemption that is available for us. He sees us all through the eyes of love and love gives us a distinct look that shame and guilt can’t change.

There is nothing too bad or too horrible that we could do that would ever separate us from the love of God. There is no sin too big and no iniquity too powerful that can erase God’s care for us. He is the God of redemption. His Spirit convicts us and brings us to repentance and the Lord doesn’t hold a grudge against us. He wants us to live pure lives through the work of His blood. We ought to learn to leave the past behind and enjoy the Lord in there here and now. We need to ask the Holy Spirit for assistance in our pursuit to a guiltless life. I am not talking about doing the wrong things and not feeling guilty about them. I am talking about not feeling guilty once we have repented and we have forsaken the sin. Mistakes happen. We all miss it but it doesn’t mean that our future is determined based on our past mistakes if we are in Christ. With Him our past stays in the past and the present is what He wants us to focus on. Friend, don’t let your past failures tell you what you will amount to. You will amount to a lot with the Lord. Your future is bright. Don’t let your past cast shade over it!



Suggested reading: Psalm 118:6; John 10:28-30; Romans 8:31-39





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