10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 47)

Crash your pity party with a party from Heaven. Heaven is always celebrating. Bring Heaven to earth with a party celebrating Jesus.

God is smiling as we speak and you are the reason behind that smile. Don’t let anyone tell you that He is frowning. He is smiling and He rejoices over you!

Spend some time thinking about how much God loves you. Make it the focus of your day. Ask Him to reveal how much He loves you. His love is way bigger than the hate in this world!

The Lord has the right rhythm for your life. He has the right song and He has the right tune. Let your life be the song that the Lord sings over you. Don’t try to create your own refrain but refrain from using the wrong lyrics for your life.

Don’t limit yourself to the dreams of the world. Dream beyond the world. Dream with the Lord. Share His mind and share His thoughts. Let your dreams be His. Don’t dream like the world. Dream like the Lord!

There are millions of tears being shed every day. There are millions of people in pain every day. The Lord died for every tear and for every pain. The Lord rose again for every tear and every pain. Help wipe the tears of the world and heal the pain in the world by sharing the Love that died and rose again!

Don’t give in to the peer pressure that wants you to assimilate. Put pressure on the world with love and dissimilate by showing you are not of this world.

Pray for peace in your world. Pray for love in your world. Pray for joy in your world. Be the love in your world. Be the peace in your world. Be the joy in your world. Be the representative of the Lord in your world.

Don’t worry about the details of your journey. The Lord traced it way before you were born. He knows all the maps of your journey. He knows where the valleys are and where the mountains are. He will guide you through your journey as long as you hand Him the details every day!
Relief is on the way. Freedom is on the way. Deliverance is on the way. The Lord will get in the way of what is causing you to lose your way. Stay put and stay calm and collected and acknowledge the Lord in all your ways!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 32:8; John 16:13


Picture: http://www.travelingphotographs.com/land-photography-gallery/

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