Sing a good song today

When we hear something pleasant we often say that it is “music to our ears.” The voice of a loved one can sound like music to our ears. What does our voice sound like to God? We are His loved ones and I am sure that our voices sound like music to His ears. I am not sure that the music is always that pleasant depending on what we say but He loves us anyway. If what we say is a song or music, let it be a song of joy, a song of victory and a song of love. Let the music that the chain of our words make, be beautiful music to God’s ears. We sing too many songs that are depressing and that are even heart-wrenching. It’s time we made our songs a celebration of the One we love. It’s time our songs echoed God’s presence in our lives. We need to stop magnifying the negative with what we say. We need to stop singing the blues and start sing praises with our lives. I want to encourage you today to fine tune your words and turn them into lyrics of a song dedicated to the Lord!

I used to like songs that made me feel so melancholic. I was addicted to sad songs and it took me a while to realize the negative impact they had on my thinking and on my life in general. I listened to them too much and their pestering message would go straight to my heart and mess up my spirit, my mood and my emotions. Now, think about what happens when what we say is always negative. Think about the negative song we project when all we say is depressing, pessimistic and void of joy. Those words end up impacting our hearts and they create emotions that keep us in a state of chaos. Internal chaos is dangerous because it festers and then it explodes and it causes problems. What we think about we often end up saying and what we say often dictates our actions. Singing a positive song with our words can help us develop a positive life. The Lord wants us to be joyful and to have peace and He tells us in His Word that all the joy and peace we need is available and it can be activated by what we say. Why not sing a good song then?

A song of love and a song a victory is what we should have in our minds and in our hearts. Those songs can change the atmosphere. They can transform our moods and change the course of our days. I start my days with a positive declaration during prayer time. I state all the good things that are going to happen that day based on God’s promises. I thank Him for His blessings. I thank Him because something very good is going to happen that day. I say that no weapon formed against me is going to prosper. I claim that I am highly favored and that the Lord walks with me all day long. I am not alone and I want my circumstances to hear that. I want them to hear that I am backed up by God Almighty. I want my thoughts and my mind to hear that there is an unlimited amount of love from the Lord and that I have the victory in Jesus’ name. I let my words express those songs of love and victory as much as I can throughout the day. Do it! Sing your song of victory today. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life. Your song is music to God’s ears. Celebrate His triumph all day. Show Him how much you are in love with Him with what you say. Sing a good song today!

Suggested reading: Psalm 95:1; Hebrews 2:12; Ephesians 5:19

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