Being clingy with God

As I am traveling in Europe for the holidays I see so many people everywhere. I like observing people and seeing how they interact. I saw a kid the other day that was holding on to his dad. He wouldn’t let go. He was clinging on to Him. It looked like he felt safe with his dad. His dad was his everything. He couldn’t take a step without holding on to him. He was very clingy but his clinginess seemed to be the only way he could function in the crowds and in public. He needed that proximity to feel fine and to be all smiles. It reminded me of how being clingy with God is truly the way to be. We tend to hold on to Him for a little bit and then we go out into the world and we have no close connection with Him. We let go of Him and we just go about our business. Today my message is about being clingy with God. Be clingy with His Spirit. Hang on to Him. Don’t part from Him. Be relentless and don’t let go. Be clingy with God and His blessings will cling onto you!

Being clingy is usually a negative habit. It shows dependance and it bothers the person we are holding on to. It is also a sign of low self-esteem in many cases. Like in the case of the little boy I described, it often shows that we can’t function without other people. However, being clingy with God is one of the best habits we can develop. Being dependent on God is an amazing state of being. It underlines how much faith we have and it expresses trust in Him. Can you picture yourself holding on to God wherever you go? Can you see yourself relying on Him to be able to function in society? Those are great ways of seeing ourselves and they should be a way of life. If we cling on to God, He will rub off on us and we will be more transformed into His image.

I mentioned earlier that it is easy for a lot of us to let go of God and just do our own thing. After prayer time often comes “our own time.” That is the time when we do what we have to do; work, study, take care of kids, travel, sleep etc. These are all great activities but when they become so important that there is no God in them they are distractions to our spiritual stamina. They distract us away from the Lord and we lose our footing in Him. We find ourselves having to fend for ourselves when we should be holding on to the One who can save us from all bad situations. We can be clingy with God at work, at school and even before bed. I find that a simple way I am clingy with God is when I thank Him for the simple things. Acknowledging Him in all I do is how I am clingy. Like a little boy I follow Him around wherever I go. I am nothing without Him and when I am in a crowd of problems I hold on to Him very tightly. Be clingy with God, friend. Don’t let go. Stay with God whatever you do!

Suggested reading: Joshua 23:8-16; 2 Chronicles 15:7; Galatians 6:9

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