Using God’s super vision

I saw a man trip and fall the other day as he was getting on the escalator in a subway station. I saw him from a distance but as I was getting closer to the escalator, a negative thought went through my mind. I thought “What if I also trip and fall when I get on the escalator?” That thought was not justified. It was solely based on what I saw happen in front of me. I could see myself going through the same thing but there was truly no need to think that way. It made me realize that in life when we see others trip and fall before us as we are about to embark on the same (or somewhat similar) journey we tend to believe that we will also experience some setback.

We put faith in what we see too much. We go with what is in front of our natural eyes when we should be using our eyes of faith. Faith is not easy but it is achievable. God would never ask us to do the impossible. It takes discipline and it requires for us to use what I call “super vision.” Super vision from God is the ability to see with the eyes of faith. Super vision sees beyond the natural and it is not centered around our natural sense of vision. Today I want to encourage you to rely on your super vision more and more. Let God give you the vision He has for you and put aside your natural senses when it comes to trusting God.

When I got on the escalator, I had no problem getting up to the level where my subway was. I didn’t trip and I didn’t fall. Was I extra careful? I surely was because of what I had seen. The idea that just because the man had fallen before me didn’t mean that I would fall as well remained with me for a while. God was showing me that I had to change my thinking there. I had been entertaining this wrong reasoning for too long. The Holy Spirit knows how to get our attention and talk us out of thinking patterns that are slowing us down. If I were to keep thinking that way, I would miss out on opportunities that the Lord has for me. Every time I would see something come up that could be a blessing I would think twice and hesitate. I have my own path but there are times when I am to go places where others people have been before. If I think of how those people had difficulties getting to their destination, it could stop me in my track.

I am learning how to use super vision more. I am learning to see my life through God’s vision. Super vision does not take into consideration what I see and feel. It is a super power that comes from God. God is a God of faith and we have faith thanks to Him. The mustard seed of faith is like a glimpse of what we don’t see in the natural but we catch a preview in the supernatural. Super vision allows us to see things before they happen and it makes us believe they will happen the way we envision them even when there are no signs that they will take place. Because super vision is from God, it sees positive outcomes and it ignores negative developments. Use super vision, friend. Thousands may fall but you will not be touched by that evil!* Super visualize your life all the time in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 91:7*; John 11:40; 1 John 5:5;

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