10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 48)

God will never use your past against you so don’t dig up your old mistakes and use them against God’s love. He will love you not matter what!

If all you can say is “Thank You,” let your thank-you to God be all you say all day. God will reply “You are welcome” all day. Your-thank you gets you in the doorway.

The Lord is preparing something amazing for you. He is baking a dish that has many layers. Every layer is a taste of His love. With every bite you will taste the goodness of His love. Let God’s love be the chef in the kitchen of your life. He knows what He is making.

God will always be God despite you. Your thoughts, your feelings and your fears are not defining Him. God defines God. Re-read the definition in His Word. Reprint the definition on your heart. Restate the definition to your mind. Let His Spirit define Him again for you.

If you are hurting in silence today, know that God hears your silence loud and clear. He just wants you to voice the hurt as an act of faith. Your silence will not go unnoticed either way!

Love, peace and joy are pearls in the shell of the ocean of your life. Treat them all the time as the precious pearls that they are and God will bring them to shore all the time.

No one can cancel the blessings of the Lord for your life. What God promises would happen, will happen. There is no cancellation policy with Him!

Insist with love. Be pushy with love. Be extravagant with love. Be caring with love. Speak with love. Do all things in the name of love. Do all things in the name of the Lord!

A message from God can change your entire outlook on life. Stay open to God’s messages. Keep your Bible open. Keep your spirit open.

Don’t stop praying for the rain. God can shower you with joy when the land is giving you grief and sorrow. God can shower you with love when your environment is hostile and negative. God can shower you with peace when the atmosphere is filled with chaos and confusion!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:4; Psalm 86:17; John 14:26-27

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