The best resolution you can make for 2019

Today many of us are making resolutions for the new year. Most of them have to do with being more disciplined, exercising and eating healthy. Some of us are being very ambitious and we plan on doing something big in 2019. We also wish it’s the best year yet. A lot of people are ready for something more, something better that will make them forget about some of the hardships of 2018. It is always easier to remember the bad times and ignore the good days. Now, there is a resolution that I call “the motherboard of all resolutions.” A motherboard is a circuit board containing the principal components of a computer. Picture your life as a massive computer. You need a solid motherboard in order to have a good and solid life. I want my motherboard to be founded in the Lord so that my life is grounded in Him. The motherboard of all resolutions is a resolution that is the foundation for all resolutions. It covers them all. This resolution is the decision in 2019 to get even closer to God and to make Him our foundation in everything. That is the motherboard of all resolutions that will allow you to keep your resolutions and that will motivate you and bless all your resolutions greatly!

Keeping a resolution is not difficult during the first few weeks of the year. Then all bets are off. I believe a resolution has to be meaningful and realistic. We are not going to turn into Superman in 2019 just because we have lofty expectations for ourselves such as hitting the gym 5 times a week if we never go to the gym in the first place. It is possible of course but it takes a lot of discipline. Discipline is the ability to maintain a habit. I find that if I want to be disciplined in something, there is sweat and pain involved. It is a sacrifice but after going over the hump of hard training, it becomes second nature. When you plan to focus more on the Lord and to make Him your foundation, you can expect some hard work but you can also expect to do the work with some great assistance. Ask the Holy Spirit to assist you in your efforts. He is there to help and He will gladly guide you and lead you. Embrace the motherboard of all resolutions. Embrace growing in the Lord. Embrace the spiritual makeover that will take place in 2019 as you embark on this amazing journey.

How come this resolution can cover all your other resolutions? The Lord tells us that if we don’t trust in our own understanding but we acknowledge Him in all we do, we will be blessed. This resolution aims at trusting God in all we do and letting Him be the One we rely on all the time. It is a resolution of dependence. As we make this resolution, we accept to be dependent on God. This dependence actually leads to freedom. Freedom to breathe and live through Him. Freedom to live out the truth of the Gospel. Freedom to receive His love and freedom to give love. This resolution will empower you in all your daily activities because you will realize that the Lord is always with you. The closer you get to Him, the more aware of Him you will be. His discipline will impact your discipline. You will be more apt to stick to your other resolutions and you will be more encouraged in general. I invite you today to make the motherboard of all resolutions your number one resolution for 2019. Enjoy the new year, enjoy the new you. Happy new year!!!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:5; Romans 12:16

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