Going back to the foundations of your faith

I was starting to pray the other day when the Lord got my attention by saying something very profound inside my heart. He said, “Would you still glorify me if you lost everything?” It’s not the direction I thought that moment of prayer was going to go but the Lord always knows better. I spent the next half hour meditating on what He said. Sometimes we have so much comfort that we rely solely on it. Our comfort zone and what we possess are a security blanket and if we have them, we are good to go. What if I had half of what I have today? What if I had none of what I have today? Where would my faith be? Where would my level of praise be? I remember when I became a teacher I had very little for some time. I did not have the comfort I have today but I was a very happy and joyful person because I had the Lord. I couldn’t wait to get home and praise and worship. I couldn’t wait to get up at 5 am and spend time in prayer.



I didn’t have much according to the world’s standards but I had more than enough according to the Lord’s standards. It was a time of scarcity but it was also a time of bliss. I had found my treasure. I had found my gold. I had found my Lord. Nothing mattered more than God. Nothing was more precious than my time with Him. As I continued to meditate on His statement, I realized that in 2019 I would need to go back to the basics of my faith even more. It’s time to dig up the foundations of my faith and expose them so I can truly enjoy them. Today I am inviting you to go back to the basics of your faith and to fall in love with the Lord again. Go back to when you started off. Go back to when He was clearly all you wanted or get there if you have never been to such a wonderful place.




If I lost everything, would I lose my zeal for God as well? That is such a hard question and I can’t honestly say that my faith wouldn’t be affected. Then again, I don’t know. How would you answer that question? If you are not sure, it’s time you screened the foundations of your faith and revisited them. Our faith shouldn’t depend on what we have but on what we hope for and what we believe the Lord is all about. If we were to lose everything, we shouldn’t be disheartened and distraught. Easier said than done. I agree but that is where our faith should be. This reminds me of Job who lost everything but yet never cursed God. He knew that his predicament didn’t change God. It was bad and it was awful but God was still good.



Think about how much faith it takes to be able to honor and praise God when everything around you has fallen apart. I want that kind of faith. I want that kind of dedication. The best thing I can do is to “prepare myself for the loss.” I am not saying I should expect my world to crumble. I am saying that I should build up my faith so that my world doesn’t define my reactions but my reactions define my world. There will be times when it feels like our entire world comes crashing down. Those are the times when our faith must be as solid as a rock. The Rock of Ages can get us there. The Lord, our Rock can train us to become stronger and more resilient in our faith. Would you still praise the Lord if you lost everything today? It’s not a question you might want to think about but it is thought provoking and it is a legitimate question because we need to figure out the limits of our faith in order to stretch it. Answering that question is a lesson in humility for sure. We can grow when we are made to be uncomfortable at times. Growing pains produce maturity. Let’s go back to the foundations of our faith and examine them. It might be time for some tweaking and some pruning until our faith is like a tree that won’t be moved no matter what happens!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 28:16; Matthew 7:24-27; 1 Corinthians 3:11


Picture: https://www.artranked.com/topic/Beautiful+Tree

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