Nothing is impossible with God

A recurring theme in my messages last year was that nothing is impossible with God. I feel like this should be the anthem for 2019. It should actually be a life-long anthem because God never, ever changes. Nothing will ever be impossible to Him. Even if you found yourself at the bottom of the worst pit in the world, God would come get you and take you out of your misery if you believed that He can do the impossible. Friend, I want to emphasize this truth again today. Remember that nothing is impossible to God. Not even your current dilemma and not tomorrow’s problems. There isn’t a single thing that He can’t do. “Impossible” is still not in His vocabulary. He doesn’t know what it feels like and what it looks like because it is just not part of Him. I want to encourage you to lift up the God who can do the impossible today. Set some time aside to celebrate Him and exalt Him. Put Him on the pedestal where He belongs. Put Him way above your difficulties. He can do the impossible. He can change your life. He can change your heart. He can change your world. Don’t believe in the impossible more than you believe in the God who can do all things. Nothing is impossible to God in 2019! Let it be your anthem. Let it be your belief. Let it be part of your days every day this year!



2018 presented a lot of challenges. There will be more challenges in 2019. We are not immune to trials and tribulations. Thinking that 2019 will be free from troubles and problems is not realistic. What is realistic however, is that despite the tough times there will always be what I call the “God times.” The God times are the times when God shows up in the middle of our bad circumstances and saves the day. God can take the worst circumstances and reshape them completely. God can give a makeover to the worst circumstances. The ugliest circumstances can get the most beautiful facelifts when God refashions them. God is going to hit your situations with some major remodeling this year as you stay in faith. As you build up your faith this year, consider 2019 as the year of remodeling. God is going to flip your life and fix it. The rooms in your life are about to get a new coat of divine paint and a restructuring orchestrated by the Spirit of the Lord. Make room for more of God in 2019 and be ready to see how possible everything is for the God of the impossible.



I like thinking of the miracle when Jesus turned water into wine. Your life might have been plain like water up to now but God is going to give it a new taste by turning it into wine. It is going to be a full-bodied wine with the boldness of a taste that will revive your spirit and encourage your heart. A miracle is on the way. God is about to show you how nothing is impossible to Him. Start confessing that the impossible is not impossible to God. Start speaking about your dreams and believing that they will come to pass because with the Lord they will. Start getting stirred up on the inside. Start singing to the Lord of the impossible. Start believing for more. Start trusting that God is able. The impossible will have to give in as you push your way through this year with faith, love, joy and the support of the Holy Spirit. Don’t look back to the tough days of 2018. Don’t dwell on the past. Dwell on the present with the Lord of the impossible. Tough days will show up but God who is greater than all, will show up and fix everything up! Nothing is impossible with God! Praise Him!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:17; Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26



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