What to do during the storms of life

There will always be times when you are moving along on the boat of your life peacefully and then you see a storm on the horizon. As a believer, you know that Jesus is with you on your boat but sometimes it seems like He is sleeping and you feel all alone. God often appears to be quiet in the middle of a storm. When all is well it is easy to sense His presence and to bask in His glory. When the going gets tough, it is harder to see Him or to feel His presence. What do you do when a storm is rocking your boat and God is nowhere to be found? Just like in the Bible you need to call upon Him and wake Him up so to speak. Ask Him for help and note that He is not moved by the storms of life and He is not worried one bit. He is calm because there is no reason to panic and to worry. As you call upon Him in faith, adopt His reaction. Call on Him in peace. Look at the storm and tell the storm to stop. Today I want to encourage you to stay calm during the storms of life. Stay calm and wake up the Lord in you by acting the way He does in front of a storm.

My boat has been caught in many storms just like anyone else’s boat. It has been rocked so hard at times that I thought I would fall off the boat or I thought it would break into pieces. I am still moving forward and I am still making progress on this wild ocean also known as life. God has kept me going and He has stood with me on my boat. He is the One I wish to give total control of my boat. I do that most of the times but then fear and worry try to steer me in the wrong direction and I let them be the captains of my boat. One valuable lesson I have learned is that we cannot have more than one captain on our boat. We can let the Lord be the captain, we can be our own captains or we can let the enemy be the head of our boat. When a storm comes, God is the One who knows how to deal with it better than anyone else. When the disciples woke up Jesus during the storm, He spoke against it with authority and the storm dissipated as if it had never even taken place. The Lord will do that for you when you allow Him to be your captain. On your own you could find a temporary fix. The enemy will mess you up even more with lies and forfeited solutions. Your causal fix and the enemy’s confusion are not match for God.

I have this image of Jesus waking up from a deep sleep during the storm and wondering why His disciples woke Him up. Nowadays we can wake up the Lord in us during trials. What we need to do is speak to the storm with authority in His name. We are entitled to His name. Every knee shall bow at the call of His name and that includes the knees of any storm. If we diligently call upon His name and trust in the power of His name, the storm will leave. We need to stay calm and composed. We need to imitate the Lord and be strong in His might. The storm got scared and went away when Jesus spoke. Jesus can still scare your storms away today. Let Him rise up in you. Let Him out. Let His power take control of your situation. Let Him be the captain of your boat. You are not going to perish. You are going to make it. The storm might shake you for some time but the Lord is being woken up by your prayers and by your calls and He will tell the storm to leave as you stay in faith. You are not alone on the boat. Jesus is going to calm your storm. The wind will die down and it will be completely calm again. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Mark 4:35-41; Matthew 8:23-27; John 14:13


Picture: https://www.masterfile.com/search/en/photos+of+ominous+sea+storms

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