Knowing the barriers in your life

Yesterday I was in a meeting where we talked about the barriers and the blockers that prevent kids from performing well during an assessment. These barriers can be the environment, their disposition, emotional state and even physical conditions. There are many factors that can derail kids, hold them back and impact their performance. Some of those kids have identified those blockers and have a plan to help them deal with the hindrances. It made me think about how we all have barriers and blockers that try to slow us down in our spiritual track and that keep us from reaching a high level of spiritual performance. When it comes to prayer for instance, fatigue can get in the way. When it comes to praise, emotional exhaustion can be a roadblock. It is important to identify the blockers that stand between God and us. When we can list those barriers, we know what we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us with. Today I want to encourage you to enumerate the barriers and blockers in your spiritual life. Know your limits and present them to the Lord and see how He can tear down your limits, remove the barriers and unblock the blockers.


Being aware of our weaknesses and knowing our limits is not a sign of inferiority or defeat. We need to be able to see the wounds and the pain in order to realize that we need a doctor. We need to be able to see our limits, our lacks and the barriers in our lives in order to realize that we need the Lord. There is only so much we can do on our own and we ought to express our dependence on the Lord. He is life, peace, love and He can do all things. We have life through Him and He gives us the fuel we need to navigate through life with the vehicle He has given us. That vehicle we have, will not function well if it keeps being stalled or blocked. You and I can’t live a good fulfilling spiritual life without the help of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing the blockers is an essential step.


Be transparent with yourself and make a list of all the things that prevent you from reaching a higher spiritual altitude. If your prayers are stale, if your worship is quasi nonexistent, if peace is not part of your life and if your love for others has run dry, pray the Lord would open your eyes and show you where the barriers are. Start making a list but also put in a request to see the whole picture. The Spirit of Jesus will point out things that would have never crossed your mind but that have been eating at your spiritual backbone for a while. I have gone through that exercise a few times and I still do on some occasions. It is fascinating what the Lord has indicated to me. Ask and you shall receive. Ask for revelation and He will open the floodgates of wisdom and knowledge. He is extremely generous.


Some common barriers are fatigue, poor diet, apathy, bitterness, lack of focus, lack of knowledge and not enough Bible and prayer time to begin with. My blockers can be very different from yours. All I know is that since I have understood some of them, I have been able to release them by turning them over to the Lord. He has helped me change the negative environment that was getting in the way and He has allowed me to change some of the thought patterns that were not helping my spiritual life. This is not a work you have to do alone. God is with you and He will assist you every step of the way. Your list of spiritual blockers and barriers is no match for our God. You are in good hands. Things are going to change for you. The blockers don’t stand a chance with God. They will be terminated. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Hosea 4:6; Job 12:12; James 1:5



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