Hang in there!

Every time you get discouraged, the Lord says, “Hang in there, you can make it.” Every time you lose hope, the Lord says, “I am hope, hold on to Me.” Every time you feel sad, the Lord says “Turn to Me for joy. I have genuine joy that can erase all pain.” Every time something goes wrong, the Lord says, “I will right your wrongs and reshape your problems into blessings.” Every time bad things happen, the Lord talks to us but it might be very hard to hear Him. I mentioned blockers a few days ago and sadness, discouragement and depression are major blockers that keep us from hearing God’s voice. God is never silent and He is never far but the blockers mess up our (spiritual) senses and get us distracted. Distraction is what the enemy wants because he can’t stand it when we are focused on the Lord. If you are enduring tests and trials right now, keep in mind that they are distractions the enemy is using to steal your joy which is your strength, to damage your faith and to decrease your level of hope. All those tragic events that are happening don’t mean that the Lord is gone or that He is not encouraging you to stay strong. He doesn’t change. I want to encourage you today to persevere and keep going. I am sorry to think that you might be having a hard time these days but I am hopeful that you can find the strength to make it and the peace to face all the tribulations with the Lord’s assistance.

God is on your side. He is on every side of you. When I pray, I like to thank Him for being on my left and on my right, above me, below me, in front of me and behind me. I like to cover every corner of my being with His presence when I pray. It is the reality of our lives with Him. He is all around us and all over us through His Spirit. You are not facing anything alone. You have great backup and great support. The Spirit of Jesus is all around you to help you and assist you. What does it take to see Him manifested? It takes a mustard seed of faith. That tiny seed can ignite the power that will change your situation. Use your faith to get the power started. Use your faith to get the power flowing into your situation. The power of God will go to work in your favor as you stay in faith. It doesn’t take much to produce a lot with God. Hold on to that seed firmly with your hands of hope.

There is a great reward from persevering. Not only does it allow us to develop bigger faith but it also brings forth amazing results that positively impact our spiritual being. Faith is needed to be in touch with God and to know God. Imagine what having more faith does to that connection with God. More faith means we know Him better and we get closer to Him. Your trial today can catapult you into drawing nearer to God if you remain in faith through it all. Consider your tribulations as stepping stones. In the natural, there are stones that hurt your feet. When you go to the Château of Versailles, you have to step on cobblestones that are not pleasant to your feet but lead you to a very beautiful place. Your problems today are the cobblestones that will lead you to a beautiful place if you keep going. Use the Holy Spirit as your crutch so you can still stand up while walking on the painful stones. Just remember that your perseverance won’t go unnoticed. You will get the breakthrough you have been waiting for. “Hang in there, you can make it” says the Lord.

Suggested reading: Romans 12:12; Colossians 1:11-12; James 1:12


Picture: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/465348573968958665/?lp=true

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