10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 51)

Shave worry off of your life. Do not let it dominate your mind and your heart. Shave it off with the razor of the Word of God. Shave it with the blade of praise and worship. Shave it off with the power of prayer and thanksgiving!

The Holy Spirit is the coach who doesn’t want you to sit on the bench of life. He wants you in the ring of life. He wants you in the action so you can learn how gentle and peaceful He is while standing with you in the ring of fire and chaos.

Sometimes waiting on God feels like you are waiting for a bus that will never come. You have not missed the bus. You are not too late and you are not too early. The bus will come. Check God’s schedule and put yours away. His bus always comes at the right “God-time.”

Everything the Lord sets on the table before you is tasty and delicious. If you are being served a sour and bitter meal, it’s not from the Lord. Learn to recognize the difference between God’s sweetness and the devil’s bitterness. God’s food for your life doesn’t have a bad after-taste. It’s good all the time!

Don’t let God’s vision of His plan for your life scare you. Embark on that vision and let it impact your heart, your mind and your soul. Let God’s vision be your vision. Share God’s mind. Your heart will get excited and your soul will be delighted.

If you are looking for a sign from God, look in His Word first. He will enlighten your mind so your heart can see the signs and wonders He has for you. See them in your mind and believe them with your heart!

Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. He paid the price so that you and I don’t have to keep enduring the cost of a life lived without God.

Plant the seed of love. Plant the seed of joy. Plant the seed of hope. Plant the seed of faith. Plant the seed of peace. Plant the seeds of the fruit of the Spirit and your harvest will be bountiful!

Don’t trust yourself when you are exhausted. Your body is not receptive to much. Don’t trust yourself when your spirit is exhausted. Your spirit is not receptive to much. Don’t trust yourself when you are disconnected from God. Your mind is somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Difficulties, trials and tests can bury your joy. Unearth the joy from underneath with words of thanksgiving and praise. They will bring your joy back to life and they will bury your worries and fears.

Suggested reading: Psalm 9:9-10; Isaiah 26:3-4; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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