Stay encouraged

“Stay encouraged” is one of my favorite sayings. It implies that the person that is talked to is already encouraged and can stay encouraged. The Lord loves to encourage all of us all the time. His Spirit is all about encouragement and it transpires in His Word and in our interactions with Him. God would never tell us to get discouraged or to give up no matter what we are facing. When it looks impossible, He doesn’t shy away or jump ship. He stays right there with us and what He has to tell us is filled with love, encouragement and motivation. Today if you are facing difficulties, I want to let you know that the Lord is telling you to stay encouraged and keep going. It is not a tall order. It is not an impossible mission. He wants you to be encouraged because He is providing for you. Your part is to stay the course and hold on tight to Him. His part is to get you through the trials and bless you along the way as He showers you with love. Stay encouraged, friend. God hasn’t said His final word about your situation. He is rewriting the script of your current chapter as you stay in faith. Your faith is erasing the enemy’s writing. Look for God’s handwriting on the next pages of your season. Know that your courage during this time is going to produce outcomes of God-size proportions!


It is important to have faith in the fact that God doesn’t expect us to do things that are not possible to us. He gives us the wherewithal to achieve what we need. He provides the resources and the support. When He tells us not to fear and not to worry, He has a support system in place for us to live worry-free and without fear. He has a spiritual infrastructure that allows us to tear down worry and fear. This system consists mainly of prayer and praise. I talk about them often because the Bible mentions them a lot and I know firsthand how amazing they truly are. It’s with prayer and thanksgiving that we can chase away fear and worry. It’s with prayer and thanksgiving that we can let the courage that is in us rise up and come to the surface. When we believe in the Lord, we are given godly traits that include courage. You and I have God-given courage in us and it’s time we believed it and used it.


You have the courage you need to keep going, friend. You might need to tap into it and let it come to life. God gives life. He is life. Rely on Him for the courage. He is going to give life to the courage in you. Ask Him to jumpstart it. Do your part by talking to Him. Get in your prayer room and let it all out. Sing praises. Read the Word. Thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. The Lord will comfort you and encourage you. This week is going to be phenomenal as you stay encouraged and you don’t let your circumstances defeat you. Let the Lord in you defeat your circumstances because no matter what, remember that greater is the One in you than the devil that is in this world. If you are having a hard time finding the courage you need, stir yourself up by holding on to the promise that God in you is bigger than the difficulties of this world. Prepare yourself to overcome and not to be overwhelmed. God is with you and He is going to stay with you all week so stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; Isaiah 40:31; Ephesians 6:10


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