Wear your identity with pride

A while ago I wrote a message about wearing the badge of our identity in Christ. Yesterday during a meeting I was holding on to my work badge. I wear it around my neck and for some reason just hanging on to it yesterday made me feel important. It is just a badge but it shows who I am at work and it gives me an identity there. When someone from the outside visits my place of work, they know who I am, what my title is right away thanks to the badge. I still believe that as a follower of Christ, we all have a spiritual badge around our necks that proves who we are in Him. It is a badge that describes our identity and our role in the body of Christ.

The enemy doesn’t want us to understand who we are in Christ. The enemy is the king of confusion and he does his best for us to have a wrong perception of who we are. He wants us to minimize our visions of the Lord in us. He knows that we have an authority through Jesus that gives us access to our heavenly inheritance and that is a threat to him. You and I are a menace to the devil but as long as we are not aware of that part of our identity we won’t live out the life Christ died for. Today I want to remind you about the badge of Christ around your neck. Wear it with pride. Flash it in the opposition’s face. Hang on to it. Your identity in Christ is a gift you should treasure but first you need to identify it!

I don’t need my badge at work to tell me who I am. I need it for others to see who I am most of the time. It is just a reminder for me and it is an indicator for others. My spiritual badge reminds me of whom I belong to and it indicates to others that I am a child of God and that Jesus is my Savior. It is up to me to wear that badge or to hide it in my pocket. I made the decision to wear it a while ago but first I had to decipher exactly what it said. I took the time to find out what my identity in Christ entailed. I suggest you do the same in case you are not completely sure. It is a good exercise and it is very helpful. We can let the world define us, we can let the enemy paint a wrong portrait of us or we can learn our identity through the Spirit of God. Who God says you are matters more than the picture the world has drawn of you.

Our identity in Christ is massive. It is not limited to a short definition. The most important part of it is that we are who we are because of love. It all started with the Lord’s love. My spiritual badge is red because of the blood of Christ on the cross. It is also in the shape of a heart because it symbolizes the Love that was once on a cross and that came back from the dead so that I would have life in abundance. As a child of God, I am entitled to this abundant life and I cherish the red seal of love that is stamped on my badge forever. The Lord created you and me. We are born again into Him and we should realize that our lives are in Him. Our movements both physical and spiritual are through Him. We have more authority than we think. Our prayers are music to God’s ears and they are like the sound of nails on a black board in the enemy’s ears. Partner with the Holy Spirit to be able to see your badge in Christ clearly. As it becomes more obvious to you so will your authority be more evident to the enemy. Wearing your spiritual badge all the time signifies wearing God all the time. Wear Him with pride. Flash Him in the face of adversity. Hold on to the Lord. Let Him shape your identity through His Spirit. You are who God says you are!

Suggested reading: John 1:12: Ephesians 1:5; Colossians 2:9-10

Picture: https://dslrguru.co.uk/2014/05/19/create-great-photographs-with-these-excellent-ideas-2/

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