You and God

There has been a big push in the Church for many years now to talk about our connection with God as a relationship and not as a religion. Do you ever stop and think about what your relationship with God looks like? Is it a committed relationship? Is it a developed relationship? Is it a part-time relationship? Is it a dysfunctional relationship? Is it one-sided? Relationships can be a lot of work but it is work that is worth it. In the case of our relationship with God, the work to be done is on our side. God has His side of the relationship covered. His covenant with us is clear to Him. His love for us is well-defined in His heart. Now it is our turn to catch up to His love. It is our turn to grow in the knowledge of Him and to develop those love feelings for Him. Will we ever be caught up? I don’t believe so but our goal here is to get to know Him the best we can. Isn’t it what makes a good relationship? Intimacy and closeness are key and communication is primordial. I see you and God as a beautiful love story that is unfolding every day. God knows all the chapters ahead of time and He is showing them to you one page at a time, one day at a time. Are you willing to engage in a committed relationship with Him? I know I want to with every fiber of my being and the quest I am on is both invigorating and humbling. Think about you and God. Put God first. Let this great story be about God and you. My wish is that you get to know Him more and more each day and that you continue to be impacted by His love.

God is smiling at you every day and every night. He is staring at you with love and passion. He loves you more than you will ever know. I tend to think that one of our prayers should be to ask God to increase our capacity to understand Him more and for Him to give us the ability to expand our vision of Him. I want my mind to be expanded. I want my mind to be stretched to a bigger dimension where it is easy to comprehend the Lord. I want my spirit to be widened so it can contain more love for Him and more faith to follow Him and trust Him. I want my relationship with the Lord to change me and transform me so I can be a better and bigger recipient of His Spirit. This relationship is about trust and it is about growth on our part. That growth can happen faster if we have a strong sense of dependency on the Lord. Trust makes a big difference.

Trust allows relationships to work
. I know a few people who have separated because they couldn’t trust their spouse and it is sad. God trusts that we can be the best we can be. He trusts that we are good children and He knows what we are capable of. As a loving Father He sees the incredible potential in us and He wants us to see ourselves the way He sees us. We ought to trust in His love for us. When someone loves someone else, they want the very best for them and they are protective of them. God is exactly that way with us. He wants the very best for us and He is protective. Look at Jesus’ relationship with the Father and you will see a unique example and a fascinating model for us. It is the model we should follow. Talking to God all the time. Turning to Him first. Seeking His face. Isolating ourselves to just be with Him. Exalting Him. Making Him our number one priority and relying on Him in all things. Remember your story with God is a love story. God holds the narrative if you let Him. You have a role to play. Get closer to Him as much as you can. Work on your side of the relationship. He has taken care of His side. Enjoy your connection with Him!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 4:32; Genesis 2:7; Hebrews 13:20-21



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