Following God wherever you go

When I was praying yesterday morning, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Follow Me where you go.” It sounded contradictory at first. I would assume He would say “Follow Me where I go” but His message was about following His example wherever I find myself. It was about not compromising but following Him no matter what. I know I used to follow others and follow the world too much. I used to do what others expected me to do. I used to try to fit in the best I could. The Lord is not calling us to fit in but He is calling us to stand out for Him. If we follow Him instead of following others, we will stand out. We will be marginalized and we will even be ostracized at times. The truth is that it shouldn’t matter as long as we are following the Lord. Today if you find it hard to stand for what you believe, to stand for God, I want to encourage you to follow the Lord wherever you go. I want to encourage you to go against the stream and swim the way God wants you to flow. Swimming against the current can be very difficult. I understand that but I want to stand out for love, stand out for peace and stand out for Jesus. I don’t want to “follow myself” wherever I go. I want to walk in the Lord’s footsteps even when I am going down the mountains or trekking in the valleys.



The first step is to identify whom we are following. The Bible is the manual that describes the Lord the best. Digging into the Word for ourselves is very important. Having a closed Bible on our night table won’t help us get to know Him better. I went through a phase when I almost only relied on sermons and messages to know God. Some of them were edifying and encouraging for sure but I also found that there were contradictions between some messages. There was some confusion going on that left me unclear on a few topics. Sometimes love was missing and men’s judgement was dominating. Human filters can easily get in the way. I am not saying that messages are bad. I write them every day. I am saying that we need to know God through His Word and supplement with messages and not the other way around. Our daily Bible shouldn’t be a collection of sermons but it should actually be the Word of God. Let’s read it prayerfully. Let’s read it with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Without Him the Word can appear to be information but with Him it becomes revelation!



One thing that caught my attention the most when I learned about Jesus was His love.
It’s His biggest characteristic. Hands down! The amount of compassion He has just blows my mind. He is so loving and accepting. Following the Lord is about following His love before anything else. It’s walking in love wherever we are walking. It’s maintaining a level of love that can’t be shaken. We go to so many places every day and I am not just referring to physical places. We go from joy to anger to frustration to sadness to peace to feeling rejected. Wherever we are, we should continue to follow Jesus. This implies staying close to Him no matter what emotion or feeling we are visiting. Following Jesus is following in the trail of faith and when we end up in the neighborhood of doubt and fear we ought to stick with His trail and walk in faith. It’s easy to diverge and follow the mainstream but we are called to stay on the path of the Lord and avoid the detours of the world. My prayer is that you and I stay with the Lord and follow Him wherever we go. Happy trails!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 28:1-68; John 14:15; John 14:26



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