God’s will be done

The words of Lord Jesus in my Bible are highlighted in red. I pay extra attention to His words. I love to meditate on them and think about them throughout the day. I don’t pick particular passages but some of them jump at me and stay with me for a while. Jesus’ teaching on how to pray is one of those passages that can be unpacked for a long time and we can still find new meanings and get new revelations after reading it a hundred times. “Your will be done” is a verse that has been blossoming in my heart. Every time I ponder it, it grows new leaves and new petals of wisdom in my heart. God’s will is better than our will. Once we have established that, we open ourselves to a truth that will most definitely set us free. It will set us free from disappointment and from disillusion. It will put an end to the battle between our own wishes for our lives and God’s wishes for our lives. There may be a lot of overlap between the two sets of wishes but our minds and our flesh have a big influence on our desires and our wishes and they often clash with God’s wishes for us. Today I want to encourage you to keep declaring “Your will be done.” Keep accepting God’s will over your wishes. Keep pushing for the truth. Keep learning about His will for your life. Keep letting God be God in your life.


A will can be defined as what someone wants to see happen. What do you want to see happen in your day-to-day life? I am sure you have several things that you want to see happen and all of them seem good to you. The will, the desires for your life are based on what you believe is right or what you believe is justified. Some people have a list of amazing desires for their lives. Some people have a list of average desires for themselves and other people think they don’t deserve much so they have few desires for their lives. What God desires for our lives is a totally different ballgame. His will is based on His love. It is not based on what we think, what our environment is, what our resources are and certainly not on what we think we deserve depending on our human worth. God’s will is Heaven-based for lack of a better expression and (most of the time) our will is earth or world-based.


“Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” is what Jesus suggested we say when we pray. What does God’s will look like in Heaven?  Think about the best possible scenario for your life based on God’s love for you and based on His Word and you will see what His will looks like. In Heaven there is no suffering, there are no tears and there is no pain and no confusion. Whatever you desire for yourselves that can end in pain and suffering is not God’s will for you. It may look nice at first but the underlining repercussions of what you want reveals its true nature. Joy, love and peace are commonplace in Heaven and they are part of God’s will for you. I am not saying you might be desiring chaos, fear, worry and hate. I am saying that what your desires can turn into all those negative things if they are not in line with God’s will. What should you do then? Pray that you might find out His perfect will for you. Study the Word so you understand His will in Heaven and then your faith can bring it to earth. God’s will for your life will always exceed your expectations. Praise Him for that!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 19:21; Matthew 6:10; 1 Thessalonians 5:18


Picture: https://www.bookmundi.com/blog/top-10-hauntingly-beautiful-landscapes-earth/

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