Being led by the Spirit of God

Yesterday morning during meditative prayer, I couldn’t stop thinking about work. I always focus on the Lord or on a scripture but my mind kept taking me back to work related thoughts. Then I felt the Lord showing me that He wanted me to focus on work. I had this inner reassurance that I feel when He is directing me at times. It feels as if He were smiling at me so I went with those thoughts and I meditated on what He was showing me. He actually gave me a plan for a new format for my classes. For the past few days I had been thinking about what I needed to change in my instruction. I wanted to shake things up and I knew something was missing. During prayer the Holy Spirit guided me through a new way of structuring my classes. I got very excited and I took mental pictures of this new way of conducting my classes. This whole experience was a great lesson in leaning on the Spirit of the Lord. Jesus said that He would send us His Spirit who will lead us and guide us in all things, not just in spiritual things. The Holy Spirit is there to assist us and to help us “do life” with Jesus. He is interested in all we do and He wants to be involved in all we do. It made me think of all the times when I kept the Spirit of Jesus outside the door of many areas in my life. He needs to be brought in. He needs to be consulted. He needs to be taken into consideration in our everyday lives. Today I want to encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit into your life like never before. Open the doors. Allow Him to intervene and guide you.



I love meditative prayer. It is a place I could stay all day. I often tell one of my friends that I wish I could be praying all day long. Meditative prayer is the zone where I let the Holy Spirit speak to me. It’s a place like no other. Why? It is all dedicated to Jesus. It is His property. He is my focus during that time and I give Him the entire territory of my mind. I yield to Him and let Him talk and enlighten me. Sometimes all I do is go over a scripture repeatedly in my mind. I open up to Him and I let His presence permeate my thoughts. It used to be harder to get in the zone, so to speak, with the Lord. Then I found my way in by lifting Him up first and adoring Him. When you praise and adore Him, He shows up. When you praise and adore Him wholeheartedly, He will always show up. I also focus and concentrate on His Word and on who He is. Friend, it becomes easier with time and practice but when He is the desire of your heart, you get into His presence in no time.



Once I am in prayer mode and the Lord is the center of my attention, He just talks to my heart and leads me. He has a gentle and subtle voice but His voice always backs up His Word. If I hear anything that contradicts and that doesn’t align with the Bible, I know that I am on the wrong track. However, I don’t expect to be misled by my own thoughts when I get into prayer. I have faith that when I ask the Lord for help, He does help me. I know that He is faithful and He always gives me what I need. Ask the Spirit of the Lord to guide you and He will do willingly. He has a lot to say. He is the creator of the universe. He knows all things. He can do all things and guiding you in everything is one of his billions of specialties. Now, you would agree with me that the Lord loves you. He adores you and He cares about every aspect of your life. Don’t you think that He wants to lead you in every aspect of your life because He loves you? It didn’t resonate with me until more recently but it shows the kind of God we serve. Let the Holy Spirit give you directions and instructions for your life. He will counsel you and assist you in your love life, in your work, in your friendships, in your finances. You name it! He is there. He is everywhere. Enjoy His holy guidance!


Suggested reading: John 14:26; John 16:13; 1 Corinthians 2:10-13




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