A revelation that blew my mind

When I was driving home yesterday, I got a message that was so beautiful and so mind-blowing that I started tearing up. It went straight to my heart and it enlightened my mind. I felt my spirit doing a flip inside because it was so excited and so in awe of this revelation. I will do my best to transcribe it and to pass it on to you. When Jesus was walking the earth, He wasn’t welcome everywhere. He couldn’t perform miracles in places where people didn’t believe in Him. He couldn’t perform miracles in His hometown because people didn’t receive Him there. They didn’t see Him as the Messiah. Where there is lack of faith there will always be lack of miracles. Where there is lack of faith there will always be lack of Jesus. Think about that. Think about who Jesus is and what He represents. Everything that He represents and all that He is will not be manifested where He is not well-received. Rejecting Jesus is rejecting miracles and blessings but it is also rejecting love, true love, peace, joy, patience and all the traits of the Lord. It is rejecting mercy and grace. It is rejecting the cross and the power of the blood. Now, Jesus is the Living Word. Rejecting Jesus is rejecting the Word of God.


This is the part that shook my spirit and that blew my mind. If we don’t welcome the Living Word, miracles can’t take place. It we don’t receive the Word of God with faith, blessings will be scarce. Because of His mercy there will be some blessings but lack of faith puts a block on the flow of God’s blessings. This whole revelation might sound basic to some but it speaks volumes to me. Think of Jesus as the Word of God. He was the Word of God going places and setting people free. The Word of God still has the same power today. It is still traveling and setting people free if they receive it in faith. This is also true when it comes to places in our lives. If the Word of God is spoken in your life but it is not received in faith in areas of your life, you will not see God’s hand at work in that specific place. Jesus changed people. When you receive the Word, it changes you!


There is a need for us to reconcile every part of our lives with Jesus, with the Living Word. How do we get there? Those who believed in God and received the Lord took Him for face value. They had no doubt He was who He said He was and He could do what He said He could do. They were educated in the Lord. They had heard about Him and hearing about Him stirred up their faith because they believed like little kids. They didn’t question Him. They accepted Him just as He was. I am inviting you, and I am extending the invitation to myself, to take a hard look at your life and figure out which areas are not welcoming the Living Word. What areas in our lives need to be impacted by Jesus, by the Gospel? I have identified a few areas in my life and I am going to fill them up with Jesus by prayerfully studying the Bible and letting it tamper with the places of doubt. I want to see love, peace, joy, miracles, blessings and mercy in every part of my life. Let’s welcome Jesus, the Living Word, into our home, our body, our soul and our spirit. Once we accept Him in all of us, we will see miracles all around us.

Suggested reading: John 4:42; Acts 16:31; Hebrews 11:6



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