You are in good hands

The first time I heard that God had me in the palm of His hand, I couldn’t help but picture a giant hand with me in it. I pictured myself as a tiny little creature sitting in the middle of a gigantic protective hand. If God had me in His hand, I was in a safe place. I still get this image in my mind at times. When I need to reassure myself or build up the courage to do something, I see tiny me in the middle of the big hand. Every time I hear someone say, “You are in good hands”, it reminds me of the mental picture of God’s hand holding me. There is no place I would rather be than in God’s hand and what I need to remember is that He has me there all the time. It is my mind that removes me from His hand and takes me places I shouldn’t frequent. God’s hand is much bigger and much more powerful than my mind even though some wild thoughts sometimes seem bigger than God Himself if I pay too much attention to them. There is a real battle taking place in our head but God’s hand has won all battles. His hand has done it all and we have to tell our minds about how big God’s hand is. You and I are in good hands, the best hands possible. Let’s focus on the hand that is holding us and rely on it more than we rely on our thoughts. The enemy might be playing with our heads right now but the Lord of lords and King of kings has a hand that will keep us safe no matter what the enemy is tells us.


The idea of the giant hand holding me helps me see how big God is. I can’t see Him but I can have an impression of Him. I am a big fan of seeing God for who He is and I know He is way bigger than anything I will ever see with my own eyes. There is no space big enough to contain Him. His hand is so big that sitting in the middle of it I wouldn’t be able to see a finger or His thumb. They would be miles away. I am describing it that way to pen the immensity of God’s hand. “God has you in the palm of His hand” means that you are protected and well-guarded. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. The enemy won’t get you. The problems won’t bury you. Your trials won’t destroy you. You are in a space that cannot be attacked. God’s hand is where you belong and it is time you put more thoughts into that truth.


Like I said earlier it’s our minds that remove us from our rightful domain. We have a right to be in God’s hand and to feel protected and taken care of but our minds play tricks on us and before we know it, we have forgotten about God’s hand. Our mind takes us on a journey that moves us away from God’s protection. How? Our mind can interfere with our faith. It can get us off the faith train and put us in the first-class compartment of the doubt train. It takes one thought for us to be destabilized and doubt God. We need to build up our faith in God’s hand holding us. We are in good hands and we ought to act and speak as if we were because it is the truth. Let’s put actions behind our faith and enjoy God’s protective hand. Let’s be confident of where we are at all times knowing that we are in God’s hand. When the enemy tells us that we are lost or that we are on the wrong path, let’s tell him that God’s hand is bigger than he is. A dot in God’s hand is way bigger than the devil and his army. We are in God’s hands. We are in good hands. No one can change that! Praise God for His hands!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:10; Isaiah 49:16; John 10:29

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