10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 54)

Your prayers to God are poetry to Him. Your prayers to God are a melody to Him. Your prayers to God are a beautiful tune to Him. His answers to your prayers are love, protection, redirection and peace to you!

When things go wrong, you have to stay strong. Your strength comes from God. He can keep you strong. “Don’t do strong” all by yourself. Be strong in Him. He is called the Rock of Ages for a reason. He will be strong forever including today and for the rest of times.

Jesus can and Jesus will. Just is willing to enable “His can.” Trust that He can and He will.

Recognize that when you are full of joy you are full of the Lord. When you are full of peace you are full of the Lord. When you are full of love you are full of the Lord. Stay full of the Lord by recognizing that He is all the good things in your life.

Prayer changes everything. Prayer can completely change the atmosphere. Prayer releases miracles. Prayer releases your breakthrough. Prayer changes you and it changes the world around you. Keep changing and keep changing the world, one prayer at a time.

Don’t be so busy with life that you don’t have time for the Creator of life!

Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best. Until you get to His best, do the rest! The rest is praise, stay in faith, give thanks, show love, pray for others, carry your cross and distribute His peace and His joy.

God’s got it all figured out. From the beginning to the end. He has a plan. He has a will. He has a way. He will make a way. He will take care of His plan if you trust in all His ways!

Our comfort zone can hinder our faith. Great faith rarely comes from staying in the comfort of the nice and easy. Faith growths when we are made uneasy in the middle of the bad and the ugly.

Sing a song into the Lord. Sing with your heart. Don’t worry about how it sounds. To Him it sounds lovely, like a heavenly melody. Sing to God with all your heart. Your heart is what He wants from you. Put a song in the middle of what He wants and your life will be a tune that glorifies His majesty!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:7; John 7:17; Romans 12:2

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