Your winter is over

There is a new day coming for you. There is a better day coming for you. It could be today. It could be tomorrow but it’s for you because God holds the day that will make it all better and He will deliver it to you. Today might be ugly but it doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be gorgeous. Today might be freezing cold and bitter but it doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be beautiful, sunny and warmer. Don’t rely on today’s temperatures to predict tomorrow’s forecast. The Lord is going to turn up the heat on your misery and make it melt like snow being hit by the rays of a heavenly sun. The vortex is coming to an end. You are coming out of the tunnel of despair and trials. God has kept you warm throughout the storm and He is about to keep you cool and composed throughout this next hot season. Yes, friend, a hot season is on its way. It might still be winter but the Lord is bringing summer in the middle of February. Stay encouraged and believe that a new day is coming, a better day is coming. God is about to blast your winter with warmer temperatures and a sun that won’t stop shining.


I can only image how beautiful everything is in Heaven because the Lord is the Sun of Heaven that never sets. His light is shining so bright and so powerfully that even shadows and shade don’t exist in Heaven. Today I want to encourage you to thank God for Heaven and to thank Him for making Heaven collide with your world. If you are going through hell today, know that Heaven is coming to crash the devil’s party and set you free. Thank God for those “Heaven on earth moments.” More of them are coming. You are not going to remain in the state you are in now.  Raise your hands to Heaven and pray. Reach out to God in prayer and He will reach down with answers. Today’s fate is not your destiny. You are meant for great things and you are meant to live great things. This stretch of cold days will not be able to stand in the way of what God is about to do in your life. A new season is going to show you what Heaven on earth looks like.


I had a dream a few months ago that I was walking outside in the dead of winter. There were piles of snow everywhere and you could tell it was freezing. However, I was not affected by the cold weather in my dream. I was as happy as can be and I was just cruising along dodging winter’s frost bite. God has the power to do that for us. He can keep us warm and joyful even when we are facing a bitter cold season of tribulations and sorrow. He can put a warm season inside our cold season. He can insert Heaven inside the world we live in. Think about the sacrifice of the cross. Jesus died so we could have life and have it more abundantly. With His death, those horrible winters died too. They might show up often but we are to remind them that they died on the cross. Stay confident that Heaven is about to make an appearance in your world and bring you peace, joy, love, blessings, signs and wonders no matter what the season is. Praise God for summer in February. Your winter is over!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 37:16; Psalm 115:15; Luke 10:21

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