Every detail of your life

God has worked out every detail of your life. He has worked out every second of every minute of every hour of every day. What you need to work on is faith, hope and positivity for every detail of your life. Your goal is to maintain them every day. God will do is part so you just need to do yours. What the enemy is working on each day is ways to disconnect you from God and ways to insert doubt, fear and worry in every detail of your life. Your life is an assembly life where God puts blessing upon blessing, lessons for growth and love galore. The enemy has a disassembly line where he puts chaos, hurt and confusion among other evil things. Today I want to encourage you to leave the details to God. I want to encourage you to stay with His assembly line and rebuke the enemy’s line of disaster. Don’t jump on his line. Stay on God’s assembly line. Maintain His assembly line with faith.


I wish I knew the details of what’s going to happen this week. The only thing I know for sure is that God holds the details of the week and He has an amazing plan that is detailed to the Nano second. It is when I find myself synchronized with God and in agreement with His plan for my life that I am in peace. I make the decision to be in peace every day and the new week is not going to remove that peace because I am holding on to God’s promises very tightly. Some details can seem overwhelming so I turn them over to God. I pray in my head and thank Him that He is in control. I don’t need to ask Him to take care of the details because He already is. What I need to do is profess my faith by thanking Him for what He has already done. Thanksgiving goes a long way. It goes all the way to Heaven and it never comes back down empty. It comes back as a blessing that takes care of the details that the enemy wants us to worry about. Hit the enemy with praises and thanksgiving to the Lord and he will loosen his grip on your mind.


Now, the assembly line I mentioned before was already set before you and I were born. There are many things the Lord has planned for us that we can receive by faith. We first need to acknowledge that there is an assembly line so to speak and thank the Lord for His daily provision and His promises. Blessings don’t fall off the Lord’s assembly line. They are secured on the line. It is our lack of faith or our mind that make us focus on the enemy’s disassembly line also known has the devil’s plan for our lives. When we make that negative assembly line our focus, it is hard to receive from God because we are putting more faith into the enemy’s destructive abilities. I want to stay with God’s assembly line and I am working hard on keeping my faith strong. What the Lord is going to do for you and me is out of this world. It will come to pass as we trust in His plan and we know He oversees the details. Your week is going to be phenomenal. I believe it. God believe it. Stay on His assembly line all week. The blessings are coming! Every detail of your life has been accounted for by the Lord. Thank Him for every detail!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Hebrews 13:20-21; 1 Timothy 2:3-4

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