Waiting for God

Waiting is a powerful habit. I call it a habit because the way the Bible refers to it shows that it should be a regular practice. Waiting should not happen occasionally. We should be used to it. Nowadays we are more used to getting everything so fast. There isn’t much waiting happening. It might look like it is progress and it surely is when it comes to technology and daily services but getting everything so quickly can be detrimental to our spiritual health. Waiting is a great spiritual habit. The Bible indicates in the book of Isaiah that those who wait on the Lord renew their strength. There is a certain power associated with waiting. Why? One of the fruits of the Spirit is patience. The Lord embodies patience. He promotes it and He is lives it out every day with us, when you think about it. Being patient is being Christ-like. Being Christ-like is an honorable goal. It is more than a recommendation. It is a Christian expectation. We live the Christian life so we can be more like Christ and share Him with others. I strive to be more patient. I want to wait on the Lord more. I want to wait for the Lord to act in my life more. Today I want to encourage you to take patience as one of the most important traits you should develop and maintain.


I like Amazon a lot because it allows me to get items within days or sometimes the next day. I don’t have to wait long when I buy something now. I put in my request, I pay online and I get my purchases in no time. I just know that every time I need something, I will get it without even leaving my house. There is no effort involved. It takes money and a few minutes to put in the order. When I pray to God, I put in a request, I place an order so to speak but I have to get out of the “Amazon mentality.” I can’t ask for a delivery date and I can’t expect to get it all in the next few days. God’s delivery date is unpredictable. He knows when but we are not always supposed to know. Why? He wants to see our faith in action. Being impatient and wanting it all now is not demonstrating faith. Faith doesn’t mind not knowing when the answer will come. It knows it will come and it doesn’t worry about the delivery date. Faith says “Don’t wait around for it. Live your life and enjoy the moment.” Faith says, “Waiting on God for the answer is waiting for Him with patience, joy and confidence.”


The waiting process is very important. When we wait for the Lord, we renew our strength. What does waiting look like? Waiting for the Lord implies spending time with the Lord. It doesn’t mean focusing on how long the process is taking but it means enjoying the process. It means praising and worshiping while waiting. The wait should be a consecrated time when we dive into adoration and contemplation of the Lord. Let’s rejoice in hope and be patient in the hard times. The hard times might feel like they will never end but the Lord has a set time for the end of our misery and it will come to pass. Let’s wait on the Lord and show Him that we trust in Him. Let’s not worry while waiting. He holds all the keys and all the answers. The wait is never in vain. The Lord fights for you and me. Waiting will produce great fruit that we will harvest and we will share with others. You are blessed just by waiting on the Lord. Enjoy the blessings!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 27:14; Romans 8:25

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