Hope is not dead

This message is always bubbling up in my spirit. I can’t ignore it and I can’t suppress it. It is so real that I feel like it is tangible. There is always hope with the Lord. The message of hope should be repeated and shared. Nothing can stop the Lord from doing what He promised He would do. One of His promises is that if we have faith, He will always come through. With Him there is always hope. Jesus is not the Lord of maybe or possibly. He is the Lord of “Yes, there is always hope”. Don’t rely on the assumption that hope died with yesterday. It is present today and it will be alive tomorrow. There is always hope no matter what you are facing. Jesus is hope and He will always be around. Yes, you will always have some trials or tribulations but you will also always have Jesus who destroyed trials and tribulations on the cross. When life serves you a dose of problems, remember that Jesus can serve you a dose of relief and peace. He will give you a double portion. He will give you twice as many blessings for each curse and each bad circumstance.  If you are at the point where you think that nothing will change or that hope is lost, I am here to remind you that hope is alive and well because Jesus is alive and well.


Our minds are so powerful. We can think and imagine things that don’t exist or that will never happen but because of the power of the mind, we believe they are happening or they are going to take place. Our minds make us believe and make us doubt. If our spirits are not built up or if they are going through a weakness phase, our minds will reign and control our belief system and our faith. The Bible says that if we believe that the Lord has answered our prayers, our prayers will be answered. Now the opposite is true. If we believe in the negative, the negative will come to pass. Having faith in the wrong things can be as powerful as having faith in God and His promises. When we keep thinking that hope is dead and believe that it is truly dead and all we experience in our lives is misery. Hope needs to be fed. It needs to be nurtured and it needs to be taken care of.


Keeping hope alive is very crucial. Without hope we have nothing. Hope and faith go hand in hand. Now think about the incredible trio of hope, faith and love. Those three combined, form an invincible force. I want to invite you to keep hope alive and do what it takes to maintain it. This might mean staying away from venues and sources that steer you away from hope. You might need to avoid spending too much time with negative people. I am not saying you need to cut people off but until you find hope again it is important that you stay away from negativity. It will only make things worse. You need time to build up your hope muscles and they won’t grow if you keep getting hit by heavy weights of doubt, fear and confusion. The best way to see hope increase in your life is to keep focusing on Jesus the King of hope. Read about Him in His Word, pray to Him, celebrate Him every day, stay with Him and you will experience an enlargement of hope in your life. Jesus will never, ever tell you that there is no hope. Take it from the One who knows it all. There is hope for you today, tomorrow and every day. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Colossians 1:27; Colossians 3:1-2; 1 Peter 1:3-5

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