When things are tough

I had a dream that I was walking up a very steep street with a friend. It looked like a street in San Francisco but it was even more slanted. It was very icy and I could tell it was the middle of winter. We were walking up the street and I was sharing my life testimony with my friend, telling him about Jesus. I remember being out of breath but continuing to talk. I woke up with that dream pretty clear in my mind so I wrote it down. It made me think about how in life we can be going up a hill trying our best not to lose our testimony. We go through hard times and the goal is to keep going and keep being witnesses to God’s goodness and grace. That is how I interpret this dream. When times are tough and we are out of breath we should go on and share the Gospel no matter what our circumstances are. Today if you are going up one of those slanted streets, your legs are hurting and you can barely talk, stand your ground and keep going. Your testimony is a blessing to many. Hold on to it. Keep being a role model for others. Remember that to some people you are the only Bible they will ever read!


My school is on a hill and when we do emergency evacuation practices, we have to go down the hill and then walk back up. Every time we walk back up, I get so out of breath especially if I haven’t been working out as much. We have to be absolutely quiet during the procedure and if I had to talk, it would be difficult. When problems strike, we often go down the hill of worry, fear and stress. We run down the lane of despair faster than we go back up the hill of hope. Now, going down is bound to happen. How we go down is what matters. Are we going down screaming and hollering? Are we going down to find refuge and we are still praising God and thanking Him? What we say and how we act when things are bad is important for us and for people around us. Some people rely on us and look up to us. If they see us going down in fear, they can learn that reaction and revert to it themselves. If they see us going down with our hands to Heaven praising the Lord, we get their attention and we model hope to them.


In my dream I was bragging on the Lord and what He has been doing in my life. I believe that what I was saying was a mirror of how I was conducting myself. The words I spoke were actions and reactions. If I were to transcribe those words into actions, they would display prayer, faith actions, praise, living out my life with Christ, demonstrations of love, joy manifestations and more. Looking up the street and seeing how steep it was could distract me and discourage me. I know it often does but in Jesus’ name I can walk up the hilliest streets and keep up with the good talk, the faith actions, the demonstrations of love and other God-centered actions. You and I can make it up the hill without changing our positive confessions of faith. We can go up in pain but still praise with strength. Let’s always find our breath in the Lord. Let’s stay grounded in Him when our legs want to give up. The Holy Spirit can give us a push up any hills in life. Let’s keep on going! We will make it in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; John 16:33; Philippians 4:7

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