Let God decide

I have written some of my daily messages in the most random places and at the most random times. I have written them at the dentist’s office waiting for a cleaning. I have written them sitting in my car in the parking lot of a supermarket. I have written them in the middle of the night after getting a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit. I have written them while standing in line at the post office. I often write very early on a Saturday morning around 5 am. The messages are like a call from the Lord. I answer the call and I just transcribe what He has to say to the best of my ability. It has become easier and easier through the years to recognize when a call from the Lord is coming through. The idea here is to let God decide when He wants me to write. It is a lesson for life. Letting God decide for our lives is so important and so rewarding. It’s a declaration of surrender. It’s telling Him, “Your will be done, Lord.” He wants us to yield to His will. It’s not always comfortable and it’s not always easy but His will should precede ours. I have written messages in the most uncomfortable situations when I was sick and in bed or when I was exhausted. My body might be saying “No, now is not the time” and the Lord is saying “Son, write this down now.” I am not saying that the Lord wants us to push ourselves hard when we should be resting. He knows what we can take and what we can endure and if He says “Now, child”, then now is the best time to do whatever He is saying we should do. Today I want to encourage you to let God decide. Let Him decide when the right time is. Let Him decide what you should be doing. Let Him decide in all you do. When you don’t know if things are going to work out, let Him decide. He will always decide that things are going to work out for the best. He knows what’s best.



Letting God decide requires dying to self so to speak. It takes a firm decision that we will let Him be in control of everything. It’s not a one-time decision but it’s a lifestyle of surrendering to God. Letting God decide is a great lesson in humility. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought I knew how to do things and I knew how to do them better than what the Lord says in His Word. I can tell you that all these times I was wrong and I couldn’t do it alone. “I will have it my way” doesn’t work if we want to be led by the Holy Spirit and if we want God to bless what we do. Letting God decide paves the way to guidance, direction and blessings. God knows best but our ego that gets in the way too often. Our ego is best friends with our flesh and together they love to rebel against God and His will. Letting God decide is putting the flesh under and letting our spirits be in harmony with the Holy Spirit.



The Bible is full of revelations when it comes to knowing God’s will for our lives. There are many decisions already written in the Word of God. When we find ourselves faced with tough decisions, oftentimes the answer to our dilemma is in black and white in the Bible. God has decided that if we follow Him, if we remain in Him, we will grow and prosper in everything we do. He has decided that if we confess our sins, He is just to forgive us. He has decided that He would love us unconditionally no matter what we say or do. He has made up His mind about everything we will ever wonder about. Letting God decide is sharing His mind and agreeing with what His plan is for us. Letting God decide is accepting His love and walking hand in hand with Him. Letting God decide is letting Him be our Father and giving ourselves a chance to be obedient children. Let God decide when and where. Let God decide who and why. Let God decide how and how much/many. Let God decide all the time. When you do, He will bless you every time!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 19:21; Matthew 6:10; 1 Thessalonians 5:18


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