You are loved more than you know

The other night I was chatting with a friend when suddenly, I had to go because the Lord was starting to talk to me deep down inside. I corrected myself and explained to her that I was actually tuning into what He was saying more at that moment so I needed to give Him my undivided attention. I do believe the Holy Spirit is always talking and He always has something to say and it is up to us to listen and get on His wavelength. What the Lord told me that evening was so profound and so beautiful that I have to share it with you. Now, know that He would deliver the same message to you so I am going to tell you what He said as if He were addressing you and not me. The vision and the message that unfolded touched me to the core and left me with a lot of hope and a lot of peace. Let me relate this message to you the best I can.

As I was in meditative prayer focusing on Jesus, the Lord said that if He took you to the nicest field of roses in the world, the nicest field of gorgeous flowers, He would pick the best flowers of them all and give them to you. He would even give you flowers whose colors don’t exist on earth just to show you how unique He thinks you are. He would put together a collection of the most beautiful plants, tulips, daises, lilies, jasmines, violets and flowers unknown to men just for you. He would give a bouquet of incredible flowers and He wouldn’t stop there. He would give you a bouquet of the amazing fruit of His Spirit and lavish you with the biggest fruit of all; love. Jesus loves you so much that His love for you is just like those flowers. It is out of this world. No one will ever love you the way He does. It’s humanly impossible but this extraordinary love is who He is.

What the Lord wants you to have on this Valentine’s Day and every single day, is His love. His desire is for you to have Him be part of your day every day. He wants to be your number one because to Him you are a priority. You can’t gauge His love for you and you can’t compare it to how much He loves others. It’s not a competition and it’s not something you can measure with the yard stick of your emotions. You might not feel loved but His love is always present. Asking His Spirit to reveal His love to you is a great prayer request. Talking about love, the Lord also said that you are the one who can understand how much He loves you. Like I said it’s not a comparison. He doesn’t love anyone more than he loves you. We are all equal in His eyes. You are the one who needs to stop limiting His love by thinking He can’t love you. The more time you spend with Him, the more real His love will become. Give yourself the gift of finding true love. Give yourself the love gift of Jesus every day. With Him Valentine’s Day is every day of the calendar. You are truly loved so work on getting a glimpse of how big this love is. You are loved more than you will ever know!
Suggested reading: John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1

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