That is what God does

Two days ago I almost got into an accident when I was driving to work. There was a school bus on the other side of the road and I tried to brake but because of the ice my car couldn’t stop. I almost hit the car in front of me. I swirled to the right and drove on someone’s lawn on a slope. I felt like I was a stuntman in an action movie. I had reflexes I didn’t think I had. It all felt so weird and so normal at the same time. It was as if I knew exactly what to do. I didn’t hit any of the cars in front of me and I was able to stop not too far from the school bus. The driver kept honking his horn. He probably thought I was trying to pass the other cars and I was a

crazy driver out of control. I kept on going as if nothing had happened and I started my day meeting with a student who needed extra help. I heard deep down inside “This is what I do.” The Lord was reassuring me telling me that He had saved me beautifully and so naturally the way He did. That is what He does. He saves us from bad situations. We are aware of it at times but most of the time we have no idea what is going on backstage. We live our lives on the stage of our lives and there is commotion and tension backstage that the Lord takes care of.

Sliding on the ice was no fun but peace was on my side and it made me feel in control even though I had no way of stopping the car. That is what the Lord does. He keeps us safe and He can give us peace even when we are sliding out of control and we have no way of stopping. What we have to do is keeping driving knowing that the Lord is in control. Psalm 46 is a great psalm that deals with the Lord being our refuge. I had read it that morning before going to work. I had also heard “Don’t worry. Do not be afraid” during prayer time that morning. As a matter of fact, I have been hearing those comforting words a lot lately. That is what the Lord does. He comforts us before the drama. He sees us through the drama and He turns it into a blessing. It was a blessing to experience so much peace in the middle of a bad situation. The Lord is a calmer. That is what He does.

I flew to Paris last night for the long weekend. The plane went through several zones of turbulence. It was very bad. It was “people-screaming” bad. I have to admit that my body reacted to the turbulence and I started to shake a little bit. Then I heard deep down inside “Do not worry. Remember it’s going to be fine.” As comforting as those words were, the turbulence was shaking my faith but I put on some praise music and a sense of balance invaded me again. Peace showed up and I sat there grounded in the love of the Lord. That is what the Lord does. He wraps us in His love and keeps us safe and loved. I have been touched by how caring the Lord has been. That is what He does. He cares all the time. We need to embrace His care all the time.

When there is bad turbulence, turning to Him for comfort should be our first resort. Fear will try to grab us but if we let the Lord overwhelm us, peace is what we will have. Why? Because that is what He does!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46; Psalm 145:18; Hebrews 6:18

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