10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 56)


It takes one word from God to create. It takes one word from God to set things into motion. It takes one word from God to see deliverance. Find the word from God that will create what He wants for you in your life. Find the words of God that will create a big change in your life.


Don’t get lost in the details of your life. Get lost in the adoration of the One who handles of the details of your life. Do not magnify the details. Magnify the Keeper of the details!


Expect good things. Don’t expect the worst and the bad. Be aware of the worst and the bad but expect the good things. Expect the “God things!”


Condition your worries and fears. Put them in the box of faith. Surround them with so much faith that they are quarantined and they can’t leave the box of hope. Don’t give life to your fears and worries. Put them to death every time they flare up.


The truth will set you free. The truth will expose your freedom. It will show you the true you. It will show you who you truly are in Christ. It’s up to you to accept the truth or to reject it. Keep exposing yourself to the truth. Living in the lies of the enemy should not be your comfort zone. The truth will set you free if you accept it wholeheartedly.


Be thankful for your hope in the Lord because it doesn’t rely on your circumstances. Be thankful for your circumstances and know that they will always turn out great because of your hope in the Lord!


With God you can have peace the size of a mountain. So tall and so immense that it overshadows stress and anxiety. For every concern that tries to stand in your way, God will give you peace that will make a way. The mountain of peace is available today. Ask the Lord to bless you that way!


Cutting back on distractions can allow us to make the Lord the main attraction! Define your distractions so you get to know the main attraction (better).


Let God decide if you are going to make it or not. He made up His mind about your decision way before you were born. You are going to make it. Things are going to get better. God decided. Make up your mind and agree with His decision!


When you find yourself in the back of the plane, remember who the pilot is. Whether you are in coach or in business, the Lord is still the pilot of your life. It doesn’t matter where you are in life. What matters is the One who is in charge of your life. Your pilot is taking you places!


Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Romans 8:28; Ephesians 1:11

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