Experiencing a week out of this world

I am not sure about much about this coming week but I am sure of one thing; the Lord is going to be there all week. He is not going to hide and He is not going to leave you stranded. If you embrace the truth that He will never leave your side, you are guaranteed to have a week out of this world. The Lord is here with us in this world but He is a God out of this world. He is above anything and everything in this world. As you and I adhere to His amazing ways, He is going to take us into a week out of this world. Don’t expect mundane and boring days with the Lord. Expect power to overcome difficulties, joy that overtakes sadness, peace that makes no sense to your senses and love that is bigger than life. The Lord is larger than life and with Him larger than life events will take place. Step out in faith this week and expect to have a week out of this world where experiences and situations will push you even farther in your walk with the Lord. Know that today is a blessed day because the Lord is with you. This week is a blessed week because the Lord is with you. It’s going to be out of this world. Learn about what you can expect in the Word of God and let your faith take you there.

Think about the most charismatic, the most caring, the most powerful and the most engaging person you know of (whether you know them in person or not). Then imagine spending a whole day with that person. Imagine spending a day laughing, being encouraged, feeling great about yourself, feeling heard and feeling like you matter more than anyone in the world just because you spent the day with that one person. You can expect all that with the Lord when you keep connecting with Him and keep acknowledging Him in all yours ways. He has the charisma of the universe over and over again. He cares about every single human being who has walked the earth and who will ever be alive. Keep in mind you have a companion. You are not doing life alone. The Lord, the most charismatic One is with you on this journey each and every day.

What does a week out of this world look like? It’s a week where you can deal with life on a supernatural level. You are not going to cope and just barely make it. You are going to rise above your circumstances and conquer anything bad that might come your way. It’s a week where you are going to be God-minded and not problem-minded. You are going to see the solution through faith before you see the desolation through fear. It’s a week where you know you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. It’s a week that doesn’t look like a regular week because you are aware of the Lord who is not your average, regular god but the Lord of lords and the Kings of kings. This week is going to be extraordinary because He is extraordinary. Give yourself a chance to experience life beyond the boundaries of your mind as you give in to the Spirit of God every day. I am excited about this week for you. I know how powerful it is to have a week out of this world and my prayer is that this week is your best week yet in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 4:6; Ephesians 3:20; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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