Your connection to healing

When Jesus walked the earth, He was known as a healer. Crowds flocked to see Him. People came from far to receive their healing. Their faith activated their healing but Jesus was at the base of their faith. He was the cause for the healing. Healing didn’t happen without Him. Today the Lord is still a healer because the Bible specifies that He hasn’t changed and He will never change. Healing the way we see it described in the Word of God is not as common nowadays but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore. What has changed? Faith in healing has decreased tremendously. Healing is not preached as much. People don’t hear about it as often even in the Church. Faith comes from hearing and we can’t have faith in what we don’t hear and what we are not exposed to. The Church just like the rest of the world is a hospital with patients who need Jesus. The healing that is needed is not just physical. It’s emotional, spiritual, financial, situational and much more.


Circumstances need to be healed. Millions of people are going through tribulations that need to be cured. The healer is still available. Faith needs to be increased. This can take place on a community level or on a personal level. We each can dig into the Word and grow in faith. We don’t need to wait for the next big movement to start living out our faith. God is a very personal God and His Spirit has a one-on-one connection with us. That personal connection deserves our attention. That personal connection can link us up to the healer even more. I am here today to promote that personal connection in order to develop faith in healing. Whatever type of healing you might need can be attained through that connection.


Can Jesus still heal today? I believe He does wholeheartedly and I have to challenge my thinking every time my mind tries to dissuade me. Our minds work well with the world. Our minds have faith in the world. It takes very little effort to trust what the world feeds us. We adopt it, absorb it and take it as truth. There is a current in the world that goes against the stream of the Lord, the stream of faith and it is a current we are very used to. The Holy Spirit is not mainstream. He is God’s stream. He follows what the Father shows Him and tells Him. He exalts Jesus and He doesn’t praise the world. Being connected to the Holy Spirit enables us to stay on God’s wavelength. What we need to keep in mind is that we are closer to the healer than we think. His Spirit abides in us but we must hold our end of the bargain. This implies stepping out of the norms of the world and staying centered in the “norms of the Word.”


“Jesus still heals today” is a truth that is a great foundation for our faith. What can He heal? Anything that we believe He can heal. When we pray and He intervenes, a healing happens. He heals our circumstances. He makes them whole. Let’s hear about healing. Let’s study healing in the Word of God and let’s trust that God still heals. Why believe in God if we are only going to believe in a partial God? For lack of better words God is a whole package deal. He comes with all of God. He is not just peace. He is not just joy. He is God and He is everything the Bible says He is. We can pick and choose what to believe but then we really pick and lose. We lose part of the truth and the truth can set us free. The truth that Jesus still heals today can set us free from what is hurting us or destroying us. Friend, you have a connection to your healing. The connection lives in you. The Spirit of the Lord is within you and with you. Take that connection to the next level!

Suggested reading: John 8:31-31; Romans 10:17; Hebrews 13:8


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