This is how I read the Bible

Every time I read the Bible, I feel comforted, admonished, uplifted, encouraged, challenged, understood, guided, led, motivated and above all I feel loved. The Bible is God’s love letter to each and every one of us. It is the incarnation of the purest love that exists. It is a love that comforts, helps, encourages, blesses and protects. Reading the Word of God gives me more than feelings. It gives me assurance and confidence. It brings forth peace in me. It gives me joy. It gives me the ability to live this life and enjoy it. It tells me about Jesus. It tells me about the God’s reality that is so different from the world’s reality. It opens my eyes and it unlocks the secrets of life. It makes me climb mountains and it gets me out of the ditches of life. The Lord is His Word. Reading the Bible is reading the Lord. It is having symbiosis with the King of Kings. The Word transforms me. Jesus transforms me. Reading the Word of God is a spiritual event that I enjoy daily. It allows me to mingle with Jesus, the best of the best. Who wouldn’t want that?


I can read the Word of God with an intellectual approach. I can consider it a piece of literature and I can perceive it as a historical account but when I do, it loses its significance and it loses its depth. God is not a literary figure and He is not a historical icon. He is alive and His Word is alive. He is not to be leveled up and brought down to a human level. He is no fiction and He isn’t history. He moves beyond the boundaries of time and He supersedes all human beings. He can’t be confined to a few pages. He wrote the script. He made history possible. He made life possible. He is not limited. He is over all limits. Every word in His Word is a piece of who He is. Can we understand Him fully by reading the Bible repeatedly? I do not believe we can. We can understand Him better when we read His Word with the help of His Spirit but He will forever be larger than life. His Word gives us precious glimpses into who He is and it is crucial that we spend time in it.



I need a lot of guidance when I read the Word of God
. My mind can’t fathom the profound revelations that are contained in the Scriptures. One thing that stands out when I am studying the Word is how beautiful the Lord is. There is an amazing beauty that transpires in the pages of the Holy Book. There are words that flow like a melody. The love that is portrayed is directed to you and me. God is singing a love song in His Word and we are the blessed recipients of this love. That is how I read the Bible. I read it with a set of eyes that are filled with love. Love is the filter the Spirit of God wants us to use when we get into His Word. Why? Because He is love and since He is His Word, His Word is love. People have taken the Bible to places it should have never gone. Places where slavery, judgement and bigotry reign. The Bible doesn’t live in those areas. Let’s keep the Bible alive. It is Jesus and it is love above all! I read the Bible with my heart and I let my spirit absorb as much love, wisdom and knowledge as it can. I read the Bible with God in mind. I read the Bible with a thirst for love and hunger for peace. I read the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit. I could never comprehend it on my own. That is how I read the Bible.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:1-6; Isaiah 11:2; James 3:17

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