What happens when you surrender to God

What distinguishes some great people of God is their willingness to give in to God. Those people of faith have dealt with the rebellious spirit and suppressed it in their lives. They know how to yield to the Spirit of God and they live out the statement “Not my will but Your will be done, Lord.” Surrender has become part of their DNA. They have died to self on the inside and their dedication to the Lord shows on the outside. They understand perfectly what it means to submit to God. They live a life of surrender to His majesty. They forget about their ego and they remember the Lord in all their ways. They are led by the Spirit because they embrace Him all the time. They always declare “Whenever You want, Lord” and they wait patiently. My Christian walk changed drastically when I began to surrender and put God first. Not just on Sunday but every day. People have asked me what the secret of a fulfilled life in Christ is. The secret is to surrender. What happens when you surrender to God is breathtaking, powerful and unprecedented.



Free will is a powerful force.
Some see it as a gift and others see it as a curse. We are free to follow the Lord or not. We are free to believe in Jesus or not. Once we do accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, it’s up to us to continue to surrender. Having Jesus as our Savior starts with a confession but it shouldn’t end there. We too often see salvation as a one-time event and then we go on our merry way and act like the Lord is not around. Accepting Christ means denying ourselves and following Him. It is the best thing we can do. Following the Lord should be an everyday event. I used to forget about God most of the week and I called myself a Christian. Actions speak louder than words and our actions should speak volumes about our lives with Christ. There is a constant need to give in to God day in and day out. When that concept dawned on me, my Christian walk was transformed.

Surrendering to God means being God-minded. It means letting God get first dibs on our choices and desires. He should be our filter for life. He should be our one and only option in life. “What would the Lord want me to do?” is what surrendering to God puts in our hearts. It’s like standing in line waiting for the next events of our lives to take place and letting God stand in front of us in line. Allowing God to always be at the head of the line is crucial. How many times have I put myself in front of the line and realized that my ego was getting in the way of my blessings? Too many times for me to recount. Jesus always gave in to the Father’s will. Jesus let the Father be His number one no matter how He was treated and no matter what people told Him. Are we willing to let God be number one no matter how we are treated and no matter what people tell us? I pray that we can all answer yes to that question. This yes will put us over the edge of spiritual victory all the time.

Surrendering to God takes on many forms and they are listed in the Bible. Prayer is one of the key ways we surrender. Walking in love is another one and so is praising the Lord. If you are not sure how to surrender to God today, pray. Give Him your time and pray. Praise. Give Him your time and praise Him. Give thanks. Give Him your time and thank Him. Seek His face. Give Him your time and meditate on Him. Read His Word. Give Him your time and read the Word. Encourage someone. Give Him your time and encourage someone on His behalf. What happens when you surrender to God is just unbelievable but it is true. Your life will change even more, friend when you keep on surrendering. His will be done and not our will!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 19:21; Matthew 26:42; Luke 22:42

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